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Re: Discuss YOUR tennis

My serve is mostly a mess. I've definately an okay topspin serve, but it rarely hassles my opponent I just kick it to get it in more often. I can hit big flat serves though which I go for when my timing is good.

Forehand is my crowning glory. It's a cross between Davenport and Ivanovic, impeccable timing, mostly flat with a little topspin. I prefer it when the ball is at or below waist height and coming with a bit of pace, it's a little vulnerable against a high defensive lob. I've got great defense on that wing, and a good lob and passing shot. I can evolve into Nadal and hit insane topspin on that side too.

My backhand is a mess and changes every match. At it's best I grip the racket like Dokic and rip it crosscourt all day long with a good amount of spin. My second tier backhand is like Djokovic or Sharapova when I hold the racket like a club, but my timing is shit on that side and I abandon it fairly quickly. Then I resort to my Hingis backhand which I think looks like Hingis' but it's just me side-swiping the ball and not hitting through it at all, it goes in more though and I can hit an off backhand then atleast. Then I resort to my Hantuchova BH where I hold it like a club and just hit club and up but with less pace. My slice is okay but I struggle to get it cross court and always am late. It's more a chip than anything.

Good anticipation at net but shit volleys, which kills me inside as a fan of net queen Martina Hingis.

Favourite shots are my flat FH through the court or CC, then my off FH from the middle of the court ala Hingis. Then lob

hingis. dokic. pliskova.
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