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Re: VICTOR HANESCU- born to be VICTORious

anyone interested in this: ?


August 26, 2005

V. HANESCU/T. Robredo
7 -6(4), 6 -4, 6 -4


Q. You had a tough third set. You had all those breakpoints you had to fight off. How hard was it to survive all those breakpoint chances he had against you?

VICTOR HANESCU: Yes, I was also a bit tired. I had some tough matches this week and I saved a lot of breakpoints. It was very difficult but I was very calm, very focused on my serve. I think this was the key of my game today.

Q. What do you make of who you are going to have to play next when you look at it later this afternoon, the game --

VICTOR HANESCU: With Chela and Blake, no?

Q. Yes.

VICTOR HANESCU: With Chela I played before in this year in French Open, I won. With Blake I lost on grass, so Blake, he's a good player, especially on this kind of surface, he likes to play here. Of course it will be a tough match.

Q. Do you think he has sort of an advantage because of the home court?

VICTOR HANESCU: Yes, of course, it's an advantage when you play home like -- you can say it's an advantage.

Q. Have you seen any of his matches here thus far?

VICTOR HANESCU: No, not really. Maybe today I will have the chance to watch him.

Q. Could you sense Robredo getting frustrated when he couldn't get that break in the third?

VICTOR HANESCU: I think I was also a little bit lucky. Also my serve was very good in the important moments, so I think it was very frustrating for him.

Q. You hadn't won too many hard court matches this year. What's been the difference this week?

VICTOR HANESCU: Usually I am not playing too much on hard courts because I am -- until now I wasn't used to play on hard courts. We don't have in Romania courts like this, so we have only clay courts and I don't know, this year I start to play better and better on this kind of courts, so I am feeling confident now and I am looking forward for the next matches and also for the US Open.

Q. With the way you serve, I mean, this is a good surface for you?


Q. You can get a lot of free points?


Q. Do you think you might start trying to play more hard court matches in the future?

VICTOR HANESCU: For sure, I think to play more matches on hard courts. I think I it's also -- a little bit much easier than clay courts when you have to play so many rallies from the baseline. Here if the serve is working it's much easier.

Q. You said you like to stay calm. Is that the way you just play; don't get too high or low emotionally?

VICTOR HANESCU: This is my style. I am not like Nadel or like other players, but it's good for me, I think.

Q. You've always been like that even when you were younger?


Q. You say you haven't played much on the hard courts. But since your game suits well with the surface why haven't you ventured and tried to play more before?

VICTOR HANESCU: I don't know, I tried also last year I played US Open and something it was one tournament before, but I don't know, here when the weather it's very, when it's very humid it's very tough for me, I am sweating a lot and it's very difficult to play, but this week, the weather was very, very good. I don't know, it's interesting, it's a different style. I am used to play on clay courts, I know the game on clay; I played most of the tournaments in Europe, so now when I am coming here in the States, it's something different, but I am trying to, I don't know --

Q. Who would you rather play Chela or Blake going into the next round if you had your druthers?

VICTOR HANESCU: Let's say Chela.

Q. Just because you beat him before or because of the home-court advantage?

VICTOR HANESCU: Also because I beat him before and it is difficult when you play against the crowd. But anyway, I am in good shape. My game is working well. Doesn't matter who is playing in the semifinal, Chela or Blake.

Q. What does it mean for your confidence to be in the semifinals of an event like this?

VICTOR HANESCU: It's very important. It's also good because it's a good result on hard courts, so next week US Open starts I am going there with confidence to win also some matches, it will be a good job.

Q. You reached quarters at the French Open. Does that give you extra confidence knowing that you have had some success at Grand Slams this year?

VICTOR HANESCU: I think it was an important moment in my career after that result I was more confident. I understand that I can play with everybody, I can beat good players, so mentally I am more confident now.

Q. What changed? Are you more aggressive? Do you trust your shots more now because of those results?

VICTOR HANESCU: Something like this, yes.



August 27, 2005

J. BLAKE/V. Hanescu
7-6, 6-7, 6-1


Q. How tough was the crowd tonight all cheering for James; did that affect you at all?

VICTOR HANESCU: It's not easy to play against for a crowd like this. Some people here are really crazy. Really, some of them are. I have never seen something like this in my life, but anyway, James, he played well, I think he deserve this victory.

Q. Seemed like you had a lot of momentum after that, the tiebreaker going into the third set. Was there something at one point where you just kind of felt it slipping away a little bit?

VICTOR HANESCU: After the second set?

Q. Yeah, seemed like you had momentum.

VICTOR HANESCU: I lost the first game in the first set, so I think this was the big moment for him because when you start with one break down, it's quite difficult in the third set, but also he played well in the next games.

Q. Were you worried that early on you got a couple of calls that didn't go your way, that were certainly borderline, some line calls. Add that up with the sort of crowd, did you sometimes get a sense that this wasn't going to go your way tonight?

VICTOR HANESCU: I had some moments when the -- one was, let's say, close to the line and linesmen called it out, but this is normal, everywhere is like this. I don't know. No, it's normal. Sometimes it's normal to be like this.

Q. What about the weather, did the delays -- I noticed one time the official, the chair umpire left it up to you guys to see if you wanted to continue, it seemed. Did that throw you off at all, just seemed like he was asking you guys?

VICTOR HANESCU: It was interesting in that moment it was a little bit of rain, but very little and the referee said to stop the game. I was serving, then I was staying two minutes come back on court, it was tough. And it was in the tiebreak it was an important moment, and also I lost the first set.

Q. Was that critical -- I thought that was hugely critical in this match?

VICTOR HANESCU: It was, yes.

Q. At what point did the fans start to get to a point where it was annoying? I was hearing -- James said he didn't hear anything negative. I kind of did. I don't know if it got personal. Did that affect you at all?

VICTOR HANESCU: No, not really.

Q. You heard it though?

VICTOR HANESCU: Of course, but I am trying to -- when I am playing I am trying to be focused on the game. I am not listening to everybody, so I knew that it's going to be like this, when you play with James here, it's normal. Some of them are more than --

Q. Over the line?

VICTOR HANESCU: Over the line, yeah.

Q. Are you happy going into the Open with the way you are playing?

VICTOR HANESCU: Yes, my game, it's very good this moment. I had a good week here in New Haven. I improved a lot my game on hard courts, so I am happy with this, and of course I am looking forward for the Open. I hope to win some matches there and it will be great.

Q. Was it fatigue in the third set or was it -- what happened there that you just sort of -- after a great second, end of the second set?

VICTOR HANESCU: It was also fatigue, I had some long matches this week. Also first round it was a tough match. And also James played some great games, great points, so --
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