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Okie.. My not-so-good translation..

Diario de Mallorca
22 August 2005
Ricard Cabot. Manacor.

Nadal's New Style For US Open

Rafael Nadal executes a service under the watchful eye of his uncle and trainer on Saturday.

Nadal has taken giant steps in his serve.

Rafael Nadal finalizes his 2 hours’ training with Guillem Genovart, of the Balearic Escola of l´Esport (EBE), in the Club of Manacor Tennis at noon on Saturday. The morning rain has practically ruined the plans of Rafael and his uncle and trainer, Toni, where they were to train on the hard court on Friday's evening that Joan Suasi, a friend of Rafael, has in his house near the Are Carrió highway, eight kilometers of Manacor. Suasi has installed the hard court in his home for the Roland Garros champion to prepare for the US Open, which begins next Monday in Flushing Meadows, in New York. On Thursday, Nadal will be accompanied by Toni to New York with the main objective to prove that he is not only a clay court player but also a hard court player which he already proved in Montreal. Suasi has concluded the court’s construction in April so that his friend could prepare for hard court matches.

At the moment, luck is on Rafael’s side. In spite of his defeat in Cincinnati, his victory in Montreal, his first on hard court, has already sent a warning sign to his main rivals - Federer, Roddick and Hewitt, fundamentally that he is not only confined to clay court. It was on the court at Cincinnati, and the one at Stuttgart, although it is a clay court, where he began to change his style at the time of executing his right blow. The objective is to ensure that the ball does not go so high and that he beats with greater aggressiveness.

"He needed more speed and winning blows to play on hard courts", Toni commented. "We looked for a different weight distribution so that he is able to lower the ball and it will be more rapid". During the training, Toni did not lose details of his pupil’s movements, explains how the change in his form has taken place to play on hard court: "On clay, he supports his weight on his left foot to lift the ball with his right to raise it. On hard court, it was necessary that one leaned on the right, so that all the weight advanced, to stick more drive, to lower the ball and to send it like a bullet". The great improvement is in his serve - before Mathieu, in the semifinal of Montreal whom appears to be his match on hard court, broke Rafael's serve where Rafael has played 51 consecutive games without losing his service. Friday’s training was suspended due to the ‘jet-lag’. Uncle Toni is prepared with caution. Fresh in the memory is the pull in Rafael’s left leg in his opening match to Thomas Berdych, in Cincinnati and that, in the end, cost him the defeat. In any case, Rafael says that "the pull is forgotten".

The 9 titles he conquered in 2005, with its final consequences, plus 1 which he lost in Miami to number 1, Roger Federer, in principle is not going to alter Rafael’s calendar for next season. And it is that Toni knows clearly that "what he has done this year is not normal and it is very difficult to repeat it". The trainer of the season’s sensation recognizes that his pupil, in spite of his enviable 19 years, "is tired, but it is normal, because he has played many matches". So many as 74, the player whom has encountered more disputed in the circuit. It is an extraordinary number at this point of the season, a number that reflects the great regularity that he has demonstrated in the matches he has taken part. The balance, of ‘Guinness’ record, is solely of 65 victories by nine defeats. After their triumph in Stuttgart, on 24 July, after prevailing in the end to Gastón Gaudio, he became the 3rd youngest player in history to be in the 2nd position of world ranking, only behind Boris Becker (18 years, 9 months and 17 days) and Bjorn Borg (18 years, 10 months and 2 days). Rafael with 19 years, 1 month and 22 days. But these numbers do not say much to Rafael, which he does not pay much attention to. His speech does not vary: "I do not pay attention to what I have obtained or I can obtain. I go match to match, always respecting the rival. It is what they have taught me". Tired to speak of the possibility of snatching from Federer the no. 1 world ranking, after his early elimination in Cincinnati and the victory of the Swiss in Cincinnati, Rafael sees that it is already very complicated. "He is better than me on all surfaces. To get to be number 1 is something that does not worry me now. I only think about the US Open, a match that does much illusion to me ", the majorcan said.

Djokovic after his Madrid 2009 Semi with Rafa: “Next time I’ll probably take two rackets on the match point and try to hit with both of them. It’s frustrating that when you play so well you can’t win.”

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