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Re: Gilles Simon

I only just spotted Gilles last week, at TMS Cincy, but he is the cutest thing ever! So skinny, but I suppose he's still growing, and he has the prettiest blue eyes. He seems very shy, particularly compared to the other outgoing French boys (he looked completely embarrassed at the attention when he was applauded as he came on court for his matches), but he was very friendly when I approached him for a photo.

Plus, he's good! He played the qualies but didn't have much trouble there, and went on to beat Spadea in the first round. He lost to Carlos Moya in the second, but that was a great match! Although it only went two sets, he really pushed Carlos around.

I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on him!

Oh, and maybe some of the French can help me with the proper way to pronounce his name. I called him "Jeel", but the announcers said either "Jiles", or "Guille". Was I wrong?

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