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Re: Nico News and Articles

Here's the translation for the lun article - great article!

Nicolas Massú passes from long. Its face radiates hatred. It has just lost in double in Cincinnati and the umpire was mistaken in some key failures. Is "hot". Fast al walks side room, but the magic words they produce the metamorphosis: "we Do al shot the note, ¿where do we sit down? Dime you. You give him nomás, question".

The memory of Athens is the best antidote for the complex moment that passes. Has just left the 50 first of the world in the ranking and still suffers inconveniences by its wounds. But the word Athens returns him the smile.

"It was the best than me passed in the life. There is not comparison with nothing. You feel that have all the happiness of the world. One always dreams of that. When you are among the 10 ó 15 first somewhat upper waits and, when arrives, only have to live it", says.

Not even has bathed and the air conditioning is strong in the conference room. "You give him nomás, give him, we continue", insists Massú. There is not need to ask. It speaks alone: "Never I imagined that I, with my pure racquet, was going to do so happy to so much people. I feel proud to be Chilean. If it to have been of another country, perhaps they would not have it celebrated so much. I believe that, when dwells me, all they are going to agree of me. It is what always I wanted".

-¿How do you assume the condition of historic personage?

-That it does not matter so much. Seeing all the Chileans in the streets yes. They told me thanks. Thanks why? Perhaps because I gave them an enormous happiness, a relief for its problems. Then, it is incredible that I, Nicolas Massú, that I know what me there is side all this, can come to be so noticeable in my country. Therefore is that already I can die tranquil.

-¿What comes after something so large?

-One must be positive. First wanted to be 100, 50 and later 20. Then I was top ten. Now other dreams they remain me: to win a Grand Slam, a Masters Series, the Cup Davis. I hope to remain me enough time in the top ten. If I did it before with less experience, I can repeat it now. I know the road to return.

-Inside the court you project the image of invincible, but out of her are sensitive.

-I try to be always the hardest one and I can be it. I am a fighter, play with that. My mind is the best than I have, but I need to be stronger still. Of the five titles that I accumulate, three I have earned them in matches that had lost. I am a type that itself is not yielded never.

-¿What things affect you?

-That him even something to my family, to my friends, to my nearby. The 97 we went to India by Cup Davis. I gave a Cook-Queue to some children and they were distributed it among twenty. Never I have left to cry in a Teletón. Also it affects me to see that they place a bomb and that people dies that is innocent, as one.

-¿You are good to cry?

-I cry a lot when I am alone. This week, my brother complied 30 years and I could not be with him. I have lost many moments with them. When I return home and I see that my small brother is higher than I, I attribute me. A month ago and middle they operated my mom and I suffered it me all. For Wimbledon, my tata was ill, but me did not they mean because they knew that was going to affect me. Thanks to God they are well.

Massú speaks to give him thanks to God, a concept that should be complex in a family where the father is Catholic of Arabian ancestry and the mother is Jewish. The theme does not disturb him and speaks with naturalness while, a day after the first interview, we have lunch in the casino of players in Cincinnati.

"Are very different visions, but they have left us to decide. In the school exempted me in religion and never I have received pressures of some of the two families. Now, I believe in a God, just as your newspaper in the year end front he put him, where he said 'thanks to God by this year'. He is the pure truth, always I give him thanks for which passed me".

-¿It is certain that in the end of Athens you asked to God that the triumph in exchange for any thing gave you?

-¿Who did that count you? He is true. It was match point removing and dead person felt me. Among so many thoughts said: "God, you give me this point for which more want. It does not matter what even later. If I cannot play more al tennis, it does not matter". Good, almost the promise was given: I won Athens, I injured me and I was five months without playing.

-¿What things impressed you in Athens, aside from the medals?

-In Athens 2004 not so many, but in Sydney 2000 was incredible. There it passed me it more important of my career before the medals, that was to carry the flag in the opening ceremony. Also it impressed me to see Muhammad Alí and its illness. The attention called me the Chinese of the NBA (Yao Ming). We bother to (Ivo) Karlovic because is pailón, but occurs that the Chinese measures 30 centimeters more than he.

-¿The memory of Athens gives you spirit in the complicated moments?

-You know, each time that I arrive at my house, I revise the matches of the Olympic Games. And each time that I see I discover them new things and I put me again nervous. In the match point revolves itself me the stomach.

-I see that is the medal in singles the one that more you want, because only have spoken of her.

-Not, the gold with Fernando does not have price. I won and I did it with a friend with whom we have burned all the together phases. That has a great value.

Massú finishes its salads and, as already coached in the morning, does not know how to kill the time. A park of diversions with gigantic Russian mountains and a golf course they cause they doubt it. We leave to the greens and we continue speaking of Athens.

"The other Chilean sportsmen were very nice. When I arrived, I observed that they had me an enormous faith. We spoke a lot and felt that the hopes of them were in me. Since the first party that were with me. And each time that was tired, looked at al Duck Rodriguez and they were behind, encouraging me", account.

Massú asks sticks of golf for left-handed al to arrive at the court, because plays as if al hit her reverse in the tennis, and spontaneously speaks with an abandonment of admiration of Rodriguez: "Is a great person. He arrived in a moment in which he needed that someone advised me of the life".

-¿What was the best than you left Rodriguez?

-To see the simplest things of way. I complicated me for the grip (the mango) of the racquet and occurs that people with illnesses terminals exists. Helped me a lot in things extradeportivas. I am super timid, different to as I see me in the court. It costs me to speak to a woman, but with the Duck I learned to free me, to engrupir to the mines. When he did not know how to confront something in the life, al he asked him Duck.

Massú places the tee, but failure the three first intents. "After the third, I am a machine", explains.

-Many men praised your phrase "by something I am single", when you were with Luciana Salazar in the summer.

-But if is thus. I am not married, do not I have children. I should give him explanations to nobody. I have clearly what I want. If I am with someone in somewhat serious, happy that all they know that is my girlfriend. And if not, not. Never I have been girlfriends of long relations, by the life that I carry. It has to be given and to me has not been given me.

The golf finishes and Massú not even al walked first pit. Goes hot, but not so much as the previous day. "Encounter fome this sport", reflects. Al following day will travel to New York to be found with Stéfano, the smaller brother that is higher than he. The anniversary of the double gold in Athens will find him today in New Haven preparing a new tournament and thinking about the return to the glory, along the way that says to know.
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