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Re: Nico News and Articles

Nice article today in about the boys friendship.

The destinies of Fernando González and Nicolas Massú they have always been connected. They won their first together tournament in the double youthful one of the US Open in 1997 and later touched them to define among them its first end of an ATP, in Orlando. Together they carried to Chile to win two times the World cup by Teams and they returned al country al World Group of Cup Davis, after 20 years.

If already it was special all it lived in Athens, the fact of to have obtained together the historic triumph did it still more special. By the side was the same old friend, with whom has gone burning phases of form almost parallel in the very impersonal circuit ATP.

"Of course that the to obtain the medals with Nicolas did all still more spectacular. I to ‘Nico' consider him my friend. In bad moments I can trust in him. The two we grew together, we know us since the 10 years and we begin to burn together phases. First he gave a leap, later I I gave it, later the even thing, later ‘Nico' hit another advance and thus we have gone in a lot of time and today we are super partners", comments González.

The relation in the circuit

After Athens speculated on a distancing of the double one. Though Massú confesses that "in a moment could think that", today assures that the relation is equal of narrow that always.

"My relation with Fernando is from boy. We are the unique two Chileans that are in the main circuit, we see us always and would be a tin plating that we carried us badly. The he helps me and I to him. In the tournaments perhaps we do not have a lot of time to share. Each one is worried of its own. There are tournaments that are going to eat almost every day and in other that neither we run into. Our relation is good and all walks very well", explains the "Vampire".

González says that Massú is a person of confidence, in which he can trust. "I tell things to him and he to me. Things that him not tell to other tennis players. For example, if us do not we see in a lot of time, barely we are again in a together tournament we call us immediately. We count us the details of what has passed in Chile (laughs), the copuchas of the friends and all that. The day that withdraw I know that we will continue being friends, because besides our families are very you united", comments Gonzalez.

"We have a super relation franca and we tell ourselves the forward things. If for example tells me that cannot play double, I respect it. In Kitzbuhel was a little injured of the shoulder and do not there was problem that did not play. That is good", explains Massú.

Clearly that all changes when touches them to be faced. "If we play in against us we throw a kick in the face by telling you something, because is part of the play. But out of the court is very different", comments González.
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