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Re: Nico News and Articles

I found a nice interview with Gaby Markus today that I thought you might be interested in reading - apologies for my not-so-good translation!! Also found out that Nico and Feńa Gonzalez are playing an exhibition together against the Bryan Brothers on 14th September.


Ya hay escenario

Definitivamente, el Coliseo Monumental de La Serena será el recinto que acogerá la exhibición que jugarán Fernando González y Nicolás Massú ante los gemelos Bob y Mike Bryan. El lance se disputará a las 22 horas del 14 de septiembre.

Here is Gaby's interview. I tried to copy the links over for this and the piece about the exhibition, but they wouldn't work They were in yesterday's "El Mercurio" anyway.


Things have changed a lot since Gabriel Markus and Nicolas Massú separated at Roland Garros 2004. And both have lived through a similar process. In the beginning, the decision seemed to be beneficial: - the Argentine coach was contracted to Guillermo Coria and the man from Vińa Marino achieved the most important success of his career in the Olympic Games. But both then saw things begin to deteriorate - by the end of last year. Markus had lost his two pupils (Coria and Juan Ignacio Chela) and, although he has never needed to work, he had to be satisfied with training (on a lesser level) with the Ecuadorian Giovanni Lapentti, and to offer a five week consultancy with Vincent Spadea. Massú, in the meantime, has suffered three successive injuries that ruined his year, his confidence and his ranking. It is now time to return to the good times, and from the next week (in New Haven, but already thinking ahead to the U.S. Open), Markus and Massú will be together again with the objective of recovering lost ground.

Markus says:- "The truth is that I haven't seen many of his matches recently, because he was in Europe and I was here in the United States. I saw him in Montreal and here in Cincinatti and I can say that I saw some tactical mistakes, that made me a little worried. But on the other hand I saw that he had little emotional control, and he was very negative".

- When you finished working together last year the realtionship was worn down, because of the tension and nerves that affected Massú at that time. How do you think to avoid that same situaitoon taking place again? "I think that it's possible to avoid it with much conversation, and putting down scear rules of our working together from the beginning."

- At the same time, considering the the problems that existed before, did it surprise you that Massú wanted to return to work with you? "No, it didn't surprise me too much. Nico knows that we work well together, - we have a good relationship and I believe that he respects me. We had very good times together and I believe that he thinks that we'll be able to have those again ".

- Do you believes that Massú recognises you were the key to the take-off of his success in 2003? "For sure he feels that I helped him a lot to obtain everything that he obtained. But he always had the potential and what I did was to help him recognise it and also to improve his tennis in some aspects. That allowed him to climb from the position of 100 to 11 in less than a year. I believe that he had something very important"

- With Massú nearly reaching 26 years old, is there still time for progression in the technical aspect of things, or can the improvements only come in terms of strategy and his attitude on court? "I believe that there is always room to improve technically, but only as long as the attitude and the temperament are the correct ones. What I'm going to do with Nicolas is to go back to insisting on improving his bad luck, and also convincing him to use his serve so that his power is better to quickly press his opponent ".

- Can Massú hope to obtain more than what he has already obtained in the circuit (to be in the top 10 and Olympic champion), or are you concentrating his efforts only on returning to be between 20 or 25 in the world? "When all the aspects - his tennis, his fitness and his mentality are in order, Nico will have the potential to obtain great things again. The work that we're going to do will aim at all these aspects and making him get to the best possible level "

-Does Massú need a permanent psychologist? "It would make me happy if Nico worked on the psychological side of things as all top sportsmen at a high level do".

- In view of the fact that it will be very difficult to enter directly in the Masters' events in Madrid and Paris, does he think that Massú must go and play the qualification rounds, or would he have to decide on other tournaments in those weeks? "That is something that we'll talk more about in the future, because first I would just like to see how he plays in the next few weeks".

- Can Nicholas still finish the season in great form or would it be necessary to begin to think about 2006 as the year of his return? "No, I believe that we have to think about finishing this year in the best possible form considering the difficulties that he had in first half of the year. It's necessary to think that he still can have good triumphs in this year, and we must make the most of things in the most intelligent way possible to have a great season next year ".

- A while ago you said that Massú was one of the players you had most affection for. Could you explain a little about those feelings? "Not really - it is something that can't be explained, simply a feeling".


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