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Originally posted by Marilyn
lol just like every other year:
1. cleaning up the house way before the chinese new year (depends on how messy and dirty and of course how big your house is)
2. buying loads of food way before the chinese new year because the markets won't open until the fifth day of the new year
3. being scorned by your mother because you can only make things worse in the kitchen while she's cooking, but on the other hand she'll be extra mad if you are not there to help.
4. treating relatives and guests who only come during these days
5. being guests ( and kids -- or old students like me -- get the "red envolopes" with real money inside)
6. going to the graves of our ancestors and pay our respect to them, acually more like cleaning up "their houses" (not all chinese do this during the chinese new year but our family do)
i know i'm making you boring just can't help it

i haven't celebrated CNY since 1989

how many Hong Bao did you get? hehe

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