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Re: מה קורה עם השחקנים הישראלים?

Ok I can't write or speak Hebrew well except to read/memorize the prayers but I have a nice story to tell about my experiences with Yoni and Andy in Montreal and Cincinnati recently. I took my family to Montreal and my 2 boys came to watch the Israeli duo. Anyway the day they were not with me, I happened to stumble on the duos practice court. A ball went out of the court, I picked it up and went to throw it back to Yoni who said" no, you can keep it". I jokingly replied, " ok but only if you and Andy sign it." That got a laugh and they signed. I think they were just taken aback that an American wanted their autographs. I take the ball back to my hotel room and my boys say- what only one? How are we going to share? Ok I say I will try again when I am in Cinci.

Off to Cinci alone to the tournament. Find the duo practicing before their first round match and after I go up to them and say" hello, you signed a ball in Montreal for me but I have 2 boys and they won't share. Would you sign another?" They laughed, joked and were just plain nice. Nicer than many other players btw. After I looked and said to Yoni- wow I can read your handwriting( in English). He laughed and said that is because I have to write English slow. I wish them luck ( which I wasn't) and say bye.

I call my family and tell them success! I tell them the English story and I am told- you should have asked them to sign in Hebrew! Did you at least say thank you in Hebrew? Yes I did and no I am not getting another tennis ball signed. Next time I guess.

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