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Originally Posted by Sham Kay View Post
Ordinary harmless nicknames like those are still allowed, but it's the extremely insulting ones that are being clamped down on. You know stuff like "shitray" "shitdal" (I ain't good with insulting nicknames, but you get the jist), calling players disgusting, trash or evil etc. There's a lot of forumers who are just used to insulting players in that way, so this'll be a gradual process to reduce the insults around here.

People just can't help themselves during fanbase wars eh?
Just give them a ban and you will find that they will change very fast.

They continue to troll/insult because the mods are too lenient. There are some Fedtards who troll and insult in every Nadal thread, yet there is not much action taken, so they continue to do it and this starts the fan wars. Im sure the mods and every regular user know who they are.
There are already rules against trolling but it seems they are allowed to do it without suffering any consequence.

The only mod I see who may take some action is Slasher, but even then only after too long a time when the trolling/insults have provoked a response from other users, and he only gives a warning that thread may be closed if the wars continue. Why not just punish the trollers who post to insult or start wars, instead of closing the thread and punishing other users too.

Just deleting the offending posts is not enough because these people will just continue to troll and insult and spoil other threads as we have seen over and over and over again.

Mods need to apply the anti-trolling/insult rules firmly and quickly, instead of making excuses for the trollers (that they are used to trolling and take a long time to change), and I am sure the trolling will stop quickly too.
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