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Re: What was up with those mind games in the AA vs Nadal final

Nadal was definitely into gamesmanship big time...others call it just being smart about competing...but it looked childish, I thought. But at the end of the day, Nadal earned the victory...and if I'm reading things correctly, lost the respect of a number of people, including Agassi.

You can see the advice coming from Uncle Tony...don't let this guy intimidate have to throw him off his game, his timing...the awful, mean stares and the poking around...changing this and that...whispering to the umpire, like he was requesting a trainer...and then not...

The worse thing for me were the EXAGGERATED fist first, it was kind of cute...then it became tiresome....then just plain ugly!!

I had been looking for this "bright young star" to kind of keep tennis afloat.

But after seeing the way Nadal behaved to gain the edge to win one match against someone he should have had too much respect for to even think about behaving that way, I was gravely disappointed.

I am sure Nadal has and will have a lot of fans...I won't be one of them. What a classless thing to do!

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