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What was up with those mind games in the AA vs Nadal final

After reading Andres interview after that match, I decided to look at nadals antics and see what Andre was on about.

Second time round watching this match and I must say I've never seen anything like it..

#1. Match starts.. AA walks out to the net for coin toss. Nadal stays seated. AA walks over bewildered looking at nadal from the net.. Then Nadal jumps up like a boxer.

#2. AA wins toss and chooses to receive. When he walks out to begin the match.. Nadal stays seated. AA then sits down as Nadal decides to get up.. The croud begins to laugh because AA is Emulating Nadal..

#3. This is the thing that I find the weirdest.... During a change over. The umpire called time, but AA looked over at Nadal and noticed that he was not getting up.. so AA stayed seated.. Nadal got up after 30 seconds or so... I've never seen something like that where the players stay seated that long after the umpire calls time and its certainly not something AA normaly does....

4# Nadal changed rackets a few times during a game!

5# During a game where AA was serving he called for a new pair of shoes.. Maybe this was legit! I think AA double faulted and lost that game.

6# During a long rally in the 3rd set AA was 15-0 and asked the Umpire to tell nadal to go at his pace... AA then double faulted and missed some sitters....

What do you think was going on there... I think i remember reading something about Moya not liking AA, and Moya is friends with Nadal?

Your opinions people!
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