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Re: Johnny Groove un-retires from tennis

Originally Posted by Mountaindewslave View Post
I'm beginning to think that Groove is some form of sociopath, no one in a healthy state of mind has such constant up and downs. I am being 100% entirely serious.

you randomly quit your futures Q1 win success to say hello to a random girl you say you're in love with yet you've never went out with, you work in a pizza joint and talk about becoming a Hollywood superstar, you lie constantly, you 'retire' from the sport (don't you have to actually have been an official pro to truly retire? like earn ONE point in the ATP?) and then 2 days later decide you've had a huge moment of clarity and are ending your retirement

it's like you bounce off your random illogical ideas and feelings onto this forum when you might be better off just using some of the pizza route money on therapy

I just remembered Groove blocked me I think but still. I hope it's just an elaborate ruse ( a rather bizarrely obsessive and successful one to say the least) to troll people online
There is very little doubt that JG bases his life decisions on what would say the faultiest in a neat little MTF story.

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