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Re: My Report from Montreal

Originally Posted by gogo_guga
I can't believe that my days at the Rogers Cup have ended!!! I went from Sunday to Friday and had an absolute blast!!
I actually became a Richard Gasquet fan during the tournament, so I'm very excited to share my experience with you guys
The first time I saw Gasquet at the tournament site was on Monday afternoon when he was coming back from a practice session with his coach and some other guy. Usually, the players will be driven to and from their practices on a golf cart, however, this time Richard was walking back so I didn't recognize him right away. I was walking with my brother to the practice courts trying to find my sunglasses that were in my bag and all of a sudden I look a little bit ahead of me, and this kid is staring right at me and walking the opposite direction. It was really awkward because for five seconds I just kept walking and talking to my brother, and staring right back at the kid trying to figure out where I had seen him before (thinking school, local supermarket, health club). After we walked past each other it hit me "wait, wasn't that Richard Gasquet??" And then I realized that yes, it had been Richard Gasquet, I was kinda mad at myself because I could have taken a picture or something, but no big deal I figured I'd probably see him around later in the week.
On Tuesday, I was able to watch the Gasquet-Ferrer vs. Grosjean-Niemeyer doubles match, and it was awesome because it was on one of the small and intimate courts. This was essentially the match that made me a Gasquet fan. Richard and David were so adorable playing doubles together, they just kept high-fiving each other all the time, and during the changeovers, they would talk a lot and sometimes start laughing. There were these two girls wearing wigs and the Spanish flag as skirts who were just hilarious. They were there to root for Ferrer but eventually they felt bad and started to root for Richard as well. I could not stop laughing because yelling "Vamos Ricardo y David!" and then they decided to pronounce both names in English yelling "Bring it, come on Richard and David", and finally, it absolutely killed me when they started calling the boys Rich and Dave. At one point during the match, they started yelling "vamos guapos" (come on hotties) and david had to hold back his laughter, too bad Richard didn't understand it, or didn't hear it (I don't know if he speaks Spanish). David seemed a little lost at the net but pretty much dominated from the baseline by just ripping balls at Grosjean and Niemeyer, and Richard on the other hand, has a very good all-around game. I was happy that they were able to win the match

I gotta go play some tennis now but I promise I'll be back with more
LOL I was at the Ferrer/Gasquet doubles match you were. With those crazy girls wearing the flags. I also had a run-in with them at Justin Gimelstob practicing and at Robredo/Nadal doubles that night. Those girls were nuts. lol. I'm glad someone else got a kick out of them too

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