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Originally Posted by Castafiore View Post
If I'm not mistaken, only the fake username gets mentioned. You never see the original username.

If you get banned for other reasons, you will see your original username appear on that list so that's no longer between the MTF poster and the mods by the looks of it.

I honestly don't understand why people who create double accounts get this much protection vs other MTF posters who break forum rules but it's pretty much a closed debate since mods have made up their minds about it.
I think you got your response to this and understand now, but just to clarify- all infractions are treated the same with regards to how much information is given out. So with multiple accounts violations, the users main account will be displayed under the public banned users list, with the reason for the ban (multiple accounts) and the length of time. No further details. This is the same with all other infractions. So if a user gets banned for discriminatory remarks for example, they'll be placed on the public banned users list with the reason and length of time, but no further details regarding the post/PM/rep etc that broke the rules.

If you consider this practice a form of protection, then all rule breakers are being protected, not just multiple accounts violators. Just wanted to make that clear.

Originally Posted by Cloren View Post
Whick racquet do you use when you play and what string :)

This thread should be moved to the General Player Talk forum.
Feel free to report the thread next time, mate. Would get a quicker response.
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