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Originally Posted by skel1983
Defintly, Newtennis fan i will be having a little punt on that, as i said a few days ago i always have a small flutter nothing major, when a player is way overpriced in my opinion!!! I think the last time i looked Nadal was 1/12 to beat Puerta, no way that much of a fav in my opinion, the FO final was obviously on a different surface, but Puerta was in there with big chances throughout that match, so mentally he knows he can stick with Nadal, which i feel is a big part of this match, if he believes he can beat him it will be a close match, obviously It won't be a suprise if Nadal wins say 6-3 6-4, but i think it will come down to three or four points, Nadal's serve on this surface for me will find him out when he meets the big boys(i think he will work on that in the off season) I think most game's will go to Deeuce/30 points, which for me doesn't justify his 1/12 billing!!!

Defo worth a small intrest.

Out of intrest NewTennisfan, i presume you live in the uk so you would'nt have seen the Ferrero match, i haven't look up the stats yet but i guess There was alot of unforced errors from Ferrero's raquet for that scoreline very suprising, have you got any feedback on the match because i know you were quite keen on Ferrero.
Sadly , by the looks of things Hrbaty just played a much better game on the day. It couldn't have been foreseen, in my honest opinion. What I can gather from the match itself is that Ferrero was struggling to win receiving points, and struggling to come even close to matching Hrbaty in points won on first and second serve. Basically, Ferrero just didn't play well, and it's just my luck! Yep, I'm stuck in the middle of a losing streak. Let's hope my (pending) picks today will lift me out of it!

Now, to get back to you on your proposition. I agree with you that Rusedski is looking a very good bet indeed. I feel that the opposition he's had to plough through to get this far have matched Hrbaty's opponents in quality and strength. Statistically, Hrbaty seems to have been playing better as receiver overall - though this may be partly owed to Ferrero's terrible performance last night. As the server, however, Rusedski has a definite edge: he's managed almost 20 service aces over the tournament's duration, and has won over 80% of his points. I think this could prove too much for Hrbaty's receiving game, that is of course PROVIDED that Rusedski can keep it up. Rusedski may also have the subjective advantage of being in his home town, along with the advantage of low expectations - not that the world is expected of Hrbaty.

The other match that looks good to me, for sure, is Mathieu against Beck. Quite honestly, I think that Mathieu is going to DESTROY Beck this afternoon. He's had arguably the hardest route to the quater finals. Sure, Beck may have beat Davydenko and Nalbadian, but they're tricky players who can both be so unreliable at times! Furthermore, over the course of the tournament, Mathieu has out-done Beck in most departments of play. I see no reason why he can't continue that today.

The best bet in my eyes seems to be a parlay on Mathieu and Rusedski. Though saying that, they'll probably both lose!

Go Puerta, go Mathieu, go Greg.
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