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Re: Nico News and Articles

Article in on coaching situation.

Gaby isn't a definite which we knew.

All I can say about this Enzo guy is who the heck is he, and I don't want Nico to hire him. I want someone well known for him, someone with a great track record, someone who has coached a top player.

And who can he possible hire from Chile?

I will be so upset if he doesn't get Gaby back.


"Markus is not definite"

"In Montreal and Cincinnati helps me Enzo (Artoni, doblista Italian). I had to do it thus, because is very difficult to be alone, without coach, because one needs someone that good wave throw you".

Of Gabriel Markus ¿in what is?

I am seeing what is what I will do; if for New Haven and the US Open comes someone of Chile, Gaby or Enzo. I am seeing. The priority has it Markus, but not yet we make a decision. With Gabriel not yet we converse somewhat serious, but i would like to be again with him.

What search today in a coach?

When it was with Gabriel, was well coached. The "Nano" (Zuleta) was a person that helped me to motivate me and that I help me. I need a mixture of the two things. A person that good wave throw me and that cause he coach me a lot, hours in the court.

You did not pass with Patricio Rodriguez?

With the "Duck" al principle was all well, but all was complicated with the injuries. Neither he, neither I, not my physical coach we knew how much to coach; if a, two or three hours, because the type of injury was complicated. And that affected us al "Duck" and to me. For the two was very difficult.

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