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Re: Your buddy/ignore list!

Originally Posted by swisht4u View Post
I have no one on my ignore list and have no buddy list either.

I accept all clowns for what they are, don't like a lot of posts of some but will read them anyway.

I want to read what all the fools are saying too, some fools are also clowns and vice versa.

Stupid and uneducated posts are welcome, these may be fools and clowns in addition.

The educated clowns are good for a laugh now and then.

The trolls and untrained trolls have their special place too.

All of these posts I want to read now and then, once in awhile I like to engage these posters or not.

So those lists are not needed for me.
Same with me!

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Thank You Rafa.... Thank You For Everything, I Owe My Entire Life To You Rafa, You Are My God You Are My God You Are My God, My Life Is Blessed Now That You Inhibit This Earth, Thanks Rafa
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