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Re: Nico News and Articles

I was hoping this was going to be an article saying that the deal with Gaby was completed, but its still up in the air - sounds close but still not a done deal.

Nico desperately needs a great coach - and I think Gaby is perfect.

I hope it doesn't fall through in the end. Although Nico probably wouldn't be going without a coach all this time unless he was very certain that Gaby would start coaching him after the US Open.

And Gaby's right about the decisions made by the Massu camp - like as Gaby said the decision to go to Australia - I couldn't believe it when Nico went to Australia with his foot already bothering him - cost him the first half of the season. Like this decision to have an exhibition match with the Bryan brothers when he needed to play Romania because of this points/rankings nightmare.


Gabriel Markus coached yesterday by near an hour with his present pupilo, the American Vincent Spadea. While this occurred in the court three of the complex one tenístico that harbors the Master Series of Montreal, in the court five practiced Nicolas Massú along with the Italian Andrea Seppi and his countryman Enzo Artoni, who officialized them of coach.

The viñamarino and the Argentine coach few meters separated them very, the same that distance it to be related again professionally in the circuit of the ATP, therefore yesterday was the own coach who assured to El Mercucio that "the again together chances to be are very large. We have had some conversations but still nothing is final".

The mesura of Markus before the imminent new contract, that will tie it with the double Olympic champion, al is owed respect that considers its present one directed, Vicent Spadea, with whom has a contractual connection to the Open U.S., that is initiated August 29.

"Does not yet it correspond to speak of the matter, already will be touched in its moment, but if Nico wants that help it already since the US Open, I would have no problem. I insist that the possibility to work with Massú is very close", indicated the transandino.

What more interests al former DT of Guillermo Coria is that their eventual new one directed recover their better level and that also not commit again errors that carried it to be injured. "Over there there is a theme of planning that played in against and that carried it to be injured. For example should not have played Australia Open, because perhaps the to be in that tournament deprived it to have continuity in the circuit".

Besides, Markus assured that trusts in which the second national racquet recover his maximum performance: "I believe that Nicolas can yield again and to achieve good results. In fact already he showed him during the last tournaments that played in Europe (semifinals of Gstaad and Kitzbühel)".

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