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Re: Hardcourt Season Begins...Wishing For Wins In Washington!!

I'm absolutely! I saw Nico!!!

Even though he lost - we can all be proud of him, because he really looked good out there for his first match back on hardcourts since the Oz Open. His serve is fine, he's moving great...the only thing is that he has to get used to his timing again on hardcourts. After being on clay, its going to take him a couple of weeks to kick in, but of course, he will. The Olympics had faster hardcourts than the US Open, so we know that he can play hardcourts once he gets acclimated to them. Other than that he had a tad bit of trouble with his backhand yesterday but he'll work that out too. Returning serve very well, and Muller gave him a large number of second serves, but again, it came down to getting used to the faster surface.

And not to take anything away from Muller, because he probably would have won any way, but he was very lucky out there. I felt bad for Nico because he was working so hard but nothing went his way. Couple of shots just dribbling over the net for Muller, and 4 bad line calls went for Muller. Nico was so frustrated and ticked off. Nico even yelled at one point - he cannot be that lucky!!!

And Nico was frustrated with the surface after the first set. He was soooo funny though I don't think that he meant to be funny - there were some Chileans sitting next to me - great guys, very nice to translate everything Nico was saying out there - Nico said something like - one, two groundstrokes, and the point is over - its boring.

He loves the clay, and Nico is great at all the strategy on clay - setting up the point, angles, strategy - it must make him crazy not to be able to set up the point.

Now...can't wait for Cincy!!!
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