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Re: Help with choosing new racket

Originally Posted by omnirowdy View Post
One last quick question. What is your thought on hybrid stringing. Currently that is what I have, with the main strings being a higher gauge not sure exactly what. The cross strings are a smaller gauge I'm not sure if they are the same material one is white and the other is a kind of clear. But I really enjoy it being hybrid. So I would love your input on hybrid stringing. This is probably my last question, and I really appreciate everyone's help. Thanks
Hybrid stringing is simply using 1 set of strings in the mains and a different set of string in the crosses. I personally don't hybrid, but it is a really good option that can blend the best of both poly's and multi's. Usually you use a polyester in the main's (the longer strings) and a multi or synthetic in the crosses. By using a softer string in the crosses you add a tad bit more power and take away some of the harshness of a full bed polyester setup. Iso-speed actually sells half sets of strings so you can create your own hybrid. I once used a set of their "control" in the mains of my racket and a set of their "speed" in the crosses. It was a decent configuration. In the end, you will really have to experiment to find the right match. Of course, companies like Babolat offer their own sets of hybrid, but they often come at an increased price. One of the more reasonable offerings is Solinco Tour Bite 17 & Vanquish 16 Hybrid String. It only costs $12.

Please let us know which racket and string you decide to buy. Good luck.
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