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Hi again!

Snow has stopped but still bitterly cold out there!! I've been drinking lots of tea and hot chocolate lately, just to keep myself warm!

Interesting culture contrast betw SUI and PHIL, Mrs. B.! Wow! And when I first went to France I thought that was culture shock! Actually it was, for me at the time! And not because of language either!

Re: Hingis, I have to say I never really liked her, esp at that RG when Steffi beat her [1st time I wanted Steffi to win because she was always getting in Arantxa's way -- who was my fave at the time!] -- I thought Hingis was a spoiled brat and guileless to say the least!

I never really appreciated her incredible talent... the only thing I liked about her was the fact that she was small of stature yet able to win slams. Retiring at 22 is a tragedy... for women's tennis and for women like her! At least her game was graceful and not that pounding heavyhitting ace-slinging power game. I am interested to know what her peers think...

I don't know about her taking uni-level courses though... she doesn't strike me as very intelligent [really she s have kept her mouth shut more often]... but she has a plan, which is essential for her young age! All the best to her!

I think Rogi learned a lot from her -- good for him!

Mrs. B. -- hibernation! I like that -- I s be doing that since I have very little work at the moment.
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