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Originally posted by Mrs. B
I didn't see his "hotdog" shot on tv cuz i opened it a bit late, but i saw some incredible shots, like when the audience was already cheering cuz Schlaken made a volley on the net and they thought it was already a point for Holland, but Roger was so quick and he got to the ball and put it across---awesome shot! he was also quick with some down the line forehand where you think he couldn't get it. I am forever amazed at his prowess and i have not seen him since Shanghai but i think he's improved even more...
Hi Mrs. B. et al!

I'm glad you think Rogi has improved since Shanghai!! That's a good sign!

Also, it's amazing that Micha managed to get stronger as the match went on and that he was mentally tough enough to win those TBs!! That is SO important!! Wow! How did he do it??? Let's hope he can continue his impressive tennis -- I still can't get over it... he's really gotten over a hurdle. Hackie must be on cloud 9!!! It's just so heartening for the Swissies, isn't it! Great team, great win, great weekend!! I love it!!

[now I want to go to Valencia to see ESP vs. CRO -- only if I win the lottery!!]

btw it was snowing like crazy an hour ago here... still very cold -- can't wait for spring... you must be adjusting to the climate change!!
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