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Mission succeeded, Seb, France has qualified for the quarters of DC…
It was nevertheless difficult we were the favourites. Furthermore, we had to choose the surface. So for me, it wasn’t an easy an easy encounter to face. But one more time, we had great prepartation. The whole team concentrated all the week and it translated well towards Friday and Saturday.

It isn’t nothing to say that you didn’t lose a set during the first 2 days!!
When you play overseas, its necessary to return to the match to take on your opponent with confidence. The public can become more hostile and it is because of that it was necessary to take it seriously. To me, I think I played a good game. I had very little (forced- errors?), I was really aggressive. I responded as easy as the first point.

Otherwise, you exploded to the net on the first ball. But how did you serve?
(laughs J ) I wasn’t lucky because the radar wasn’t working the first day (*really??*) But I didn’t serve better than usual. The net was relaxed.

Why didn’t you play yesterday?
In face, I had a bit of pain in my adducter muscles (awww… ) It’s a surface where I have a lot of (pullings?) in my backhand(?) and that hurt me a bit. If it was necessary to play, I would have held my place. But as we were already qualified, the draw was done and so Nico took my place.

You had a good celebrations Saturday night?
Yeah, it was nice. We just went opposite the hotel with all the French supporters (omg luckkyyyyy!!) and we had a good night. Otherwise, Fabrice was a little tired the next day!!! (laughs)

You otherwise play Switzerland at home next round. For the moment you haven’t decided anything for the surface.
Normally, we would have to play on (Greenset put on wood?! What the hell does that mean?). the surface that isn’t too fast. If I had the choice, I would choose clay. But in accordance to the rest of the team, it’s preferable to choose a hard surface. Like that, all the team cn play. Arnaud will come back in March (J) and PHM too. We will have more possibilities for the singles matches.

And your opinion on the Swiss Team?
It isn’t obvious but we have the advantage to play at home. It is always nice to play in front of the French public. What’s annoying is there is Key Biscayne just before. To prepare, it isn’t the best.

You arrived at midday in Marseille to play l’Open 13, a tourney that you appreciate a lot.
Yeah, it’s true, it’s a tourney I really like. It’s where it’s all started for me. I really had desires to shin and as usually I will take it match by match. Logically, I’ll have my first match on Wednesday. I’ll play a qualyer and then have 2 days to rest. Because of that, I’m a little tired. Bye!

lol my french hw for the day...sorry if its a bit dodged

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