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Communicating with Andy

Having spent the last few days wondering what on earth was going on over in Quebec, I have a suggestion.

Maybe someone who knows Andy could encourage him to e-mail his own news bulletins from these far-flung Challengers. It must get a bit boring sometimes out on the circuit and Andy could boost his morale with a little two-way chat with his many fans. Tim Henman's official site has some fairly interesting Q&A sections, which could be a good example. Of course, Tim obviously gets a lot of help from his sponsors with this type of thing but I am sure there would be plenty of volunteers to help Andy deal with the technical/admin side and probably plenty of potential sponsors who are already lining up to help/manage/control/own him.

On the volunteer side, editing Andy's thoughts because of image issues might be difficult to manage, I suppose. There must be a slight risk that Andy might e-mail something a bit too controversial and he would need to be able to trust someone to weed that kind of thing out - or else he could just make sure that he was very disciplined in being very bland in his comments. Tim and Greg could definitely help him there ;-). "I felt I definitely had chances out there and it just came down to a few big points but you've got to give credit to the other guy, I mean his first-serve percentage was 75%, which is just incredible, and sometimes you've just got to say "too good" but I can take a few positives out of the match like the way I played aggressively and tried to concentrate on my own game ...etc."

Anyway, surely something could be sorted out because the current situation is that we hear almost nothing about his progress in what is a critical stage in his career. In many ways, the struggle for ranking in Challenger tournaments is a fascinating World that I have only just begun to appreciate as a result of trying to follow Andy in the last few tournaments. It really is a hard grind out there with young people slogging it out to get a chance of a good career in tennis while others cling on through injury and the ageing process to eke out another couple of years with a shot at the big prizes... OK so I'm slipping into cliche here but nevertheless, it seems to be true.

Any comments/ideas?
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