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Re: tennis newbie's questions

Wow these have been some great and encouraging replies guys . I guess I'll look into trying out racquets then. Personally I'd feel best with Head, Prince (man I just love the name), or Wilson. They seem to be the big names I see the most. Sharapova, Federer, Agassi, and the Williams sisters IIRC. I won't be biast when actually picking though. I think I will try out Dunlop and Penn balls later as I've mostly only been seeing Wilsons and decided I know that brand best to go for it. Tecno's (moderately price, vacuum sealed) seem to work fairly well too actually. How long do racquets tend to last? When should I need to get new strings or have them tightened? Is there any other maintenance I need to do? I've been practicing some more, not practice matches for a while now tho, and I think my swing is really improving. I do a fairly stable eastern backhand now (used to use eastern forehand for everything). Now my forehand seems to be leaning towards semi-western, slowly migrating from eastern LOL, it's getting more natural that way. I seem to be able to swing western too, it does seem to get the spin, but not so much the power. One question about western grip though, is it supposed to look awkward? I grip it like on the Tennis magazine thing, like an upsidedown eastern backhand or so. It looks really awkward and my swing (at least from my point of view) looks a little retarded, but it works. Sorry for so many words I'm just a little excited .
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