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Re: tennis newbie's questions

well i say flatter balls, i mean good balls that have been played alot with. these balls are easier to control with your racket and therefore develop the fundermentals of your game quicker. you get more feel for ball and it allows to to develop your strokes nicely. the wal-mart balls your talkin about, i know what you mean,seriously dont play with that crap,they r so shite.
i know what you mean about the different type of rackets,so many. you def need to try sum out first. i was quite lucky wen i bought my first expensive racket. the son of the head coach at my old club was using a prince thunderlite and he had quite a few. i use to play with him quite abit and he let me use his racket often and i fell in love with it, it was perfect for me. so i bought one, a 100quid so about 180/190 american dollars. this was quite a few years ago and the rackets are cheaper over in america. its best to go to a club, and see if you try out a few good rackets.(you hav to get friendly with the coachs first.thats wot i did) you shouldnt spend anything more than 200 dollars,not many racket are over that price anyway,but some are.but if your a rich bastard, then you might as well buy the best money can buy(but remember, its wot racket suits you. its kinda like in harry potter, the racket chooses you, not the other way round).good luck mate.
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