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Re: tennis newbie's questions

Originally Posted by endymion
Hi. I'm a beginner to tennis. I'm 16 years old and have pretty much just started playing late June (so I've had a good month now). I'm very interested in tennis and practice swinging against walls, volleying to myself, and playing recreational games with my friends or my brother at local municipal courts. I'm getting better, and hope this trend continues. I was wondering, at what point should I invest in tennis shoes, say by Prince, Head, or Nike? Any ideal models? Is it a good idea to learn tennis with tennis shoes or should I leave them for now? When should I consider paying for lessons? How can I find an instructor/coach/etc? I live in Canada if this helps. I generally buy Wilson tennis balls (Titanium and US Open), is this fine? Should I switch to Penn or Dunlop? Is it fine playing with balls I've had for weeks? Thanks for reading, any responses would be appreciated.
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