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Re: Alternative player ranking system

To all awaiting, I apologize for the absence, due to some personal unfortunate events I was unable to continue my work on the rankings. But now I'm catching up with the backlog, and hopefully I'll be able to publish the race rank list for the first 2 weeks of 2014 season.

I decided to make some changes in the list of the events I take into account, particularly the Kooyong exhibition had to go from the list, mainly due to its "volatile" participants structure. I will keep the Abu Dhabi exho, though, and it will be included in the ranking in Week 0 list, along with Hopman Cup, and ATP250 tournaments in Brisbane, Qatar and Chennai.

I also decided to change the way Elo points are calculated for matches in the BO5 format, since I discovered an issue (inconsistency with the spirit of the Elo ranking, IMHO) in my previous calculations. I (wrongfully) assumed that multiplying the result of the match by 1.5 to compensate for the BO5 was the same as having the K-factor multiplied by 1.5, but that was leading to points inflation. For example, in Elo system if the difference in ranking points between two contestants is large enough, higher ranked player would gain no points from victory, but by my previous calculations he would still gain full 12 points in such situation. So I decided to correct this by increasing the K-factor to 36 for BO5 format events, such as GS and DK.

There is also a work left in my TODO list for the Elo system alternative for the ATP rolling 52 week ranking.

Late Season's Greetings to all!
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