Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics! (update with THURSDAY's report) -
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Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics! (update with THURSDAY's report)

I got there around 11:30. I went straight to where they sell tickets and there a guy I had already seen somewhere before offers me to sell me Cat1 tickets he had for a friend who won’t come. He even offers to sell them at a lower price. “I had them for free. I’m a linesman..” “Oh I knew I had seen you before!” “Where?” “Roland Garros! Duh!”. But I had not enough cash with me so I bought regular tickets with my credit card… in Cat4!

The 1st thing I see once I get in is Almagro (aka THE PUNK) on one of those screens outside the stadium for people who are waiting for the next changeover to go to their seats. Ewww! I go around the stadium to see the shops etc. I notice there will be autograph sessions. One with Davydenko (at 3pm), one with Djokovic (at 4pm), one with Nieminen and one with Tursunov (they don’t know when these 2 will take place yet). I then go to take my seat and I watch the Almagro-Bjorkman match til they open the access to the Court 1. Almagro gets an injury time out for a problem with his Achilles tendon.

Almagro argued with the umpire (Pascal Maria) after a challenge and of course he was booed!

At mid match it was time to head to the Court 1. I pass by the autograph session desk, the Blog King should be there around 4:30pm. “Cool, right after Nole!”, I think. I want to go seat behind the baseline, on the side where the players enter the court, next to the players box, my favourite place to seat on this court. But the security guy tells me I need a badge to go there. “Are you sure? Last year I could sit there with a regular ticket….” “Ok, you can go…” “Merci!”.
There were only 3 people sitting on this side (plus ballkids in the players box that is separated with a fence). A couple is sitting in the middle and a guy is sitting in the front row. I sit near the guy, leaving one empty seat between us. By the time I take my seat, Tipsarevic and Olivier Rochus are already on the court. I notice Berdych’s coach in the players’ box. A few minutes later he’s joined by Tomas himself. After a quick look at the draw I had printed, I realise the winner of this match will meet the title holder in the second round. Later in the match Christophe Rochus will come to watch his brother and Nenad Zimonjic will come to see his compatriot.

The ball in his pocket was showing out of his shorts from time to time.

The guy who’s now sitting next to me (I had to move because more people came) keeps cheering/swearing/talking with Janko in Serbian. After a closer look at his badge it says “Tipsarevic Veljko; Tipsarevic coach”. Ok, it’s his brother! This explains many things!
After smashing his racket about one million times, Janko loses in straight sets.

(sorry for the crap quality of the pics, I had to downsize them to upload them )

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Re: Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics!

The next match was Max Mirnyi vs Robby Ginepri. I didn’t stay for too long, it was almost time for Djokovic’s autograph session. But I took a few pics for their fans. In the mean time I texted mir to tell her my plans.

I left my seats (Janko’s brother’s seat had remained empty after he left) to a couple of happy kids and headed to the circular corridor. But when I got there Tursunov was already leaving!!! Damn! They had moved it to 3:30pm! Grrrr!!! I knew I should not have taken this bathroom break! (the exclamation point abuse is in honour of Mitya!) Thankfully a girl stopped him to ask him something and I managed to take a pic!

Then I turned around and saw two women standing in the middle of the kids and one of them smiled at me, I smiled at her and I knew it was mir! (with her sister). Then mir and her sis went for a coffee and we came back 15min later for Nole. I joined the queue while mir stayed on the side with her super video camera! A few minutes later Novak Djokovic was there, proudly wearing his France football shirt (a gift from a few MTF girls!). Nole was enjoying himself (earlier I had heard the guy in charge of the autograph sessions saying he was one of the few who actually asks to do autograph sessions and meet the fans Good boy!), he said “bonjour” (in French) before signing every card and even shook hands with a few kids. While I was in the queue I heard the people behind me saying Roger had withdrawn and he was replaced by Gabashvili. What a surprise!!! They also said he would be there on Tuesday for an autograph session. Great! But I think the tournament organisators and the fans would have preferred to see him PLAY! Next to the queue there was Ben Nichols from the ATP (you gotta love badges) who was pressuring the guy in charge of the autograph session… “5 more minutes!” “one more minute!” WTF?! Nole doesn’t seem to want to leave! Why stopping it now? Anyway I was lucky enough to go to the “autograph desk” and I could talk a bit with Novak:
-Congrats for Metz!
-Oh thanks!, he replies with a big smile.
-Is your family here?
-Ohh your brothers rocks! (damn I can’t even speak English :retard: )
-My brother rocks? *laughers* I’ll tell him!!!

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Re: Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics!

Then mir and her sis went for a smoke and I went to the UNICEF stand. I donated money and got a bracelet in exchange. (I noticed that Verdasco was wearing it too).

Talking about Fernando, he was playing when I got back to my seat. But he lost to Llodra… After what happened in Madrid, I was very surprised to see Grilotti was umpiring. He announced the score both in French and English but he can’t pronounce well either of the languages…

Then it was Serra and Vliegen’s turn. I was not really interested so I headed back to the Court 1.

Before I went to the Court 1 (which is nicknamed “la patinoire” - the ice-rink – because… it’s built on one! No wonder why my feet were frozen!) I asked the security guy standing infront of the Court 2 (the practice court) gate who was practicing there. “I don’t know, he said, I don’t know the names of the players” :retard:
I took the very first seat I could find on Court 1 and noticed the people behind me were speaking German. I turned around and noticed they were Tommy Haas’ parents. I’m still wondering what they were doing at the Acasuso vs C. Rochus match.
I stayed for a few games and left after around 20 minutes. It was around 7:20pm and I was a bit tired of watching tennis at this point (mainly due to the artificial lights). When I passed by the Court 2, I asked the guy: “You still don’t know who was practicing?” “I told you it was Marat Safin, no?” “erm… NO!” (you know it was one of those “No”s that mean “You must be fucking kidding me! Right? Riiiiight? RIIIIIIGHT??!!! ”) “Well he’s left a few minutes ago through this door *pointing at the door*”. The Teeny Bopper in me could have killed him! Grrrrr!!!

After that I walked around for a while to relax. I played some game at the BNP Paribas stand and won some mini balls. I went to the main hall and saw they had erased Rafa’s and Roger’s names on the draw. Then I decided to go back to the centre court but I upgraded my seat to Cat1 (the guy didn’t ask me to show my ticket and there was tons of empty seats because anyway!).
I watched the end of the Serra-Vliegen match. Kristof had probably not behaved himself while I was away because the crowd would go “BOOO! BOOO!” anytime his 1st serve was fault.

More to come soon! (Mathieu and Safin)

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Re: Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics!

Thanks for the reports. Too bad you couldn't have a chat with Dmitry though. I hope you'll be visiting the tourney site everyday. Enjoy it!

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(courtesy of Dimonator133)
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Re: Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics!

thanks for the reports.
at the conversation with Nole. CUTE.

edit: and you know i can't good rep you.

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Re: Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics!

Great report


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Re: Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics!

Great report, Thanks alot for taking the time to do it
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Vamos Mandy :)
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Re: Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics!

wow Gab thanks!

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Re: Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics!

It was past 8pm when Mathieu and Seppi entered the court on “Star Wars” soundtrack. They were really late on schedule and I was starting getting nervous for Safin’s match. Mathieu (Norm Chryst has to learn how to pronounce his name btw!) played well, his forehand was on, he had the support of the crowd and he proved he’s a talented guy when… his head is on. In his on court interview he thanked the crowd for his support and said the next match (against Djokovic) was going to be a tough one, Novak being one of the best upcoming players. Bracialli who had won against Simon earlier that day attended the match.

By the end of Mathieu’s match I had joined Mir and her sister who were sitting a little bit lower. I sat behind them because the seat next to them was broken. Between the match they showed the clip of Marat for the 20th birthday of the tournament. The music they chose for them when Safin and Mahut entered the court (at 9:45pm instead of 8pm!) was “Aslo sprach Zarathustra”. It was as if God in Person was going down to Earth. And they did the toss on “Where is my mind?” Thankfully Marat’s mind was on the court!
Mir had made a banner “2006 MARAT’s YEAR” but she was a bit embarrassed to show it. She told me “I have a banner… 2006 Marat’s year…” “oh nice!” “well there’s something else on the back”, she added.. half-laughing! (I won’t reveal it now because it’s something about DiMarat and they’ve not played yet! )
From the beginning of the match my neighbours, parents and their 2 children, were checking that they didn’t forget to add 10€ for every ace of Marat and Nicolas for the UNICEF. (There’s a counter in the corner of the scoreboard on the giant screen… there were about 2500€ after the qualies and some 4100€ at the end of the first day).
The first set Marat faced no opposition from Mahut. He played a couple of beautiful passings in returns! He challenged and was wrong… as usual! Igor Andreev and Sasha Volkov were sitting in his box.
We got a little bit scared when Safin was down 0-30 at 4-5 or 5-6 in the second set but he came back easily. It was time for a tie break… a close one! It was 11pm!!! Marat challenged two points in a row in the tie break. They were important points but of course… he was (very) wrong!
Safin finally won. For once it was not the French player who had have the support of the crowd. Marat said once again how he loves Paris, the Bercy crowd behind him and how they stayed so late for him, how he feels well playing here… Even when he was playing bad coming to Paris, he always found back his game in Bercy… He said he had come last year just to give “the presents”. And at the end of his speech he blew a kiss to the camera.

More pics on

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Re: Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics!

boy this was fun even with my compromised video card...keep having fun!!!
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Re: Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics!

Gab, why am I not at all surprised that Nole wore the French jersey.

I love the conversation you had with him. Nole's brothers DO rock in their own special ways I'm glad he's still being a sweetheart to his fans like he's always been. I hope that never changes.

Thanks for the report And have an awesome time on Thursday!

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Re: Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics!

Thanks for your report sweetie

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Re: Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics!

Wow, Max is just so damn intimidating. Geez.

Thanks Saumon! Did you get pics of Janko's brother?

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Re: Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics!

Thanks Gab! Great report and great pics!

the Beast
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Re: Saumon 's BERCY 2006 report and pics!

Thanks for the report.
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