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Monte Carlo Interviews where are there

where are the Monte carlo finals interviews
Why are they not out yet
nothing on their official site or other places
its taking a long time before they post the interviews

has anyone seen or read them

When Meeting Someone Greet them by Saying SALAM

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Re: Monte Carlo Interviews where are they

there are audio files of both players on :

short but I can't get enough of Rafas english, check out his interview against Vliegen where he says the funniest version of "dropshot" I ever heard

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Re: Monte Carlo Interviews where are they

April 23, 2006

R. NADAL/R. Federer
6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 7-6


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Roger, bad luck, especially at the end of the second set, beginning of the third. Did you feel you were about to get control of the match?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, obviously, the momentum shifted so I felt like if I have a chance, it's right here, right now. So I took advantage. I took a break. Was actually feeling very good. Played, unfortunately, a bad game to get broken back.

But all in all, it was all right, you know. I thought it was a good match. I enjoyed the battle against him, and sort of have the feeling it answers me a lot of questions, you know, I was asking myself prior to the clay court season. So this was a fantastic week for me.

Q. What have you learnt then?

ROGER FEDERER: I won't tell you (smiling).

Q. You obviously felt you had to attack. You made a lot of what are supposedly called "unforced errors." Did you feel you had to try and keep the pressure on him all the time?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, he leaves me no choice. I'm not going to start looping the ball if he's in the middle of the box, you know. He obviously plays a lot of shots, you know, that tease you to come in. It's obvious I'm going to make the unforced errors because I'm the guy who's pressing and not him.

So, you know, the unforced error stat, I don't care really, seriously. That's what I was really actually angry about at the French Open, people telling me I was going for too much. They should play him and then see if they're not gonna go for it, you know.

No, I thought I played a smarter match today, and I was actually what I expected from myself, you know, that I got closer again a step. Especially on clay, I think that's very important.

Q. In the start of the match you seemed to have trouble to find your way. Was there nervousness, was it wind?

ROGER FEDERER: No, not on both. Just he's got the edge, you know, being a lefty and me not being used to it. It's just tough to get into it, really.

And was unfortunate, you know. I don't know. I also would like to be able to answer more clearly why it happened, but I've got to try to change it next time. I've got to play aggressive, and it's tough to do that from the start, you know. Maybe it's that, and he takes advantage of it. Maybe the serve is not working like it should. I don't know, maybe he had a couple good games, too. So I think it's a combination of many things.

Q. Do you think he improved a lot on the backhand and good dropshots and does something more compared to last year?

ROGER FEDERER: No, no. I don't remember his backhand being bad last year. I mean, I thought it was the way I -- it's exactly the same as the French, I thought, really. I mean, obviously he makes improvements here and there because of experience, because of more matches, and so on. But I didn't have the feeling he was coming up with totally new stuff, you know. The dropshots he hit, they were well hit sometimes, and that's because I was far back. So it was a good shot to hit.

No, so I didn't feel that.

Q. If there is anything you regret about the match, when is it?

ROGER FEDERER: Oh, many times. I thought I let him have a couple of breaks, you know, on and off just out of the blue really. That's what I've got to try to cut down. And if I do that, I'm in a much better position instead of always running behind. That's obviously tough against him, even though I got back into the match twice like this.

Q. Would that be the start of the third set, when you broke him and then you looked pretty comfortable, and suddenly he breaks back.

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I mean, obviously it happens and he plays very well every point of the game, you know. No matter if he's down Love-40 or 40-Love, you're always going to get the same guy, you know. That's the same with me, you know. That's what the lower-ranked players tend not to do, you know, is they go for too much when they're losing or also when they're winning. So it's obvious that you get broken sometimes.

But I just thought, you know, I was not maybe serving well enough or just playing well enough from the baseline to really, you know, win some games. I just thought I gave him a little bit too much there.

Q. Are you satisfied with your game today?

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, it was all right.

Q. You won only 4 break balls out of 18. Is it a number you care?

ROGER FEDERER: This stat, yeah, I'm not happy about, because it would have changed, I think, a lot of things even though maybe not in the first set. But after that, you know, I don't know how the stats look after that, probably not that bad. But, yeah, he doesn't have the biggest serve, so I really expect myself to do better on breakpoints.

Anyway, you know, it happened, and I've got to try to do better next time.

Q. In the final tiebreaker, you lost the five final points on your serve. You were up 3-Love and you lost twice your -- you had the mini-break. 4-3, two mini-breaks. Last point, mini-break. How do you explain it? Do you think it's just coincidence or something happens, you don't serve as well, or he's more aggressive?

ROGER FEDERER: I mean, it was very even from the baseline, I thought. He got the better points, you know, the points he wanted to have. And, no, I mean, of course I could have maybe served better, but also, you know, I'm not the guy who's gonna serve aces all the time so I've got to expect to be in the rally. That's a tough thing to be in, you know, in a tiebreaker, in the end, when you're against the wall, you know.

So maybe he had little bit more, you know, I don't know, confidence and he didn't have that much to lose after all. So maybe it was easier for him to play then.

But, no, I cannot explain because I wish it was different.

Q. What did that match and that tournament tell you about your chances to win in Paris?

ROGER FEDERER: Say it again.

Q. What do that match and this tournament tell you about winning in Paris?


Q. Yeah, about your chances.

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I think they went up, in my eyes. I think matches against Rafael are going to help me actually beating up players, too, you know. Because I've got to adjust quite a bit to play against Rafael, I mean, let's face it. So I've got to make tough decisions, you know, in a split second right away because it's always coming from the left-hand side, you know, and so forth.

So I think I'm actually going to improve a lot by playing more against him, and I already feel like I have since he's been around, you know. That's maybe a good thing to be in. Like I said, the more I think I play him, the more also I'll figure out his game and the easier it's going to get for me. Maybe I'm too optimistic, but I really believe it, so.

Q. Will you try to get a lefty sparring partner?

ROGER FEDERER: I have a coach that's lefty. You know why I have him, no (smiling).

Q. Three losses in a row against Nadal. Does it mean anything?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, I wish I could have won them, but they don't break down my will or hope or anything because what I care about is looking at the -- well, trying not to lose against him in Grand Slams, and then be ahead of him 2,000 points in the ranking, that's what I care about, and not really losing tonight. I made points against him, so he's under pressure.

But, yeah, it would have been nice to beat him. But I don't know, you guys have to have more to write about than I have to talk about. So this is for me one night and then I'll be on the road and I'll forget about it, so...

End of FastScripts..
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Re: Monte Carlo Interviews where are they

April 23, 2006

R. NADAL/R. Federer
6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 7-6


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Rafa, how excited are you about defending your title and beating Federer in the same time?

RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, was a very, very good week for me, no. Was unbelievable week for me. Is special for me I begin the clay season like this. Is very, very important.

And beating Federer in the finals is special, too, no. Is more special.

Q. When he came back to win the second set after you'd had set point, were you concerned? Were you worried then?

RAFAEL NADAL: Sure. Is not easy, no. Is difficult because I am -- I was a little bit disappointed because I had a very important chance in the second. I can't convert it. And after, I have difficult moments but because I begin the third with break down. But Federer had some misses in the next game. I can return the break. And after that, I feel with a lot of confidence, no.

Q. What was it that enabled you to win the match? What do you think enabled you to win?

RAFAEL NADAL: I think I am play very good match, no, very aggressive with my forehand. I touch very good the ball with the forehand today maybe. And maybe I play all time, no, all time very, very concentrate. That's the decisive, no.

Q. In the fourth set you were 4-2 up and then he comes back. In the tiebreak, you were 3-Love down. Mentally then were you preparing for a fifth set? Would you have been prepared for a fifth set?

RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, sure. If I lose the fourth, I gonna be in the fifth, no. I was win -- I want to win this final and if in four, better. And if in five, better. Good, too, no?

So, sure, if we go to the fifth, I can lose. Federer was getting a lot of confidence. And important, I know the title is near. In the 3-Love down in the tiebreak, I know, but is just seven points, no? I need do the special effort, and I can change the situation, no.

Q. What did satisfy you more the whole match apart from winning?

RAFAEL NADAL: The title.

Q. Huh?

RAFAEL NADAL: Win the tournament.

Q. In what way you can improve, because you are in such a high level. What do you think that you can improve?

RAFAEL NADAL: I think maybe today the worst thing is the serve. I serve bad today maybe. I have some problem with the sun, too, and I serve bad.

But not the excuse, the sun, no. For me and for him.

Q. You've now won 42 matches on clay.

RAFAEL NADAL: 42 or 41?

Q. 42.


Q. Borg has 46. Vilas has 53. Is that something you're thinking about, or do you not worry about statistics like that?

RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, sure, is important for me be the now the No. 3 in the history. Is nice, no?

For Borg, 46? 46, no. I need do the final, final in Barcelona for tie with him, no. Not easy, no.

Any day, I gonna lose, no, on clay, sure.

Q. When?

RAFAEL NADAL: I don't know, but I hope not the next week, no.

Q. At the end of the match Roger said that he felt he is getting closer to you every match on clay. Do you have the feeling he's closer to you than in Paris last year?

RAFAEL NADAL: I know every match is different, no.

Q. Did you feel he was more dangerous today than in Paris?

RAFAEL NADAL: I don't know, because in Paris I lost the second set and -- I lost the second set 6-4. Today, I was winning 6-2, 5-3 and set point.

I was beating easier today than Paris, no? So after, no, sure. After, no, because I wasn't -- I was a little bit nervous and he play better the important moments in the 5-4.

But the match, the general match, because he maybe - I think, huh? - he might get a little bit bad, I don't know, nervous. I don't know.

But I play with confidence after the second set. Sure, after this is more difficult than Paris, no. But I was winning 6-2, 5-3. I win the fourth -- the three -- the third 6-3. In the fourth, I was winning 3-0 with two breaks.

Sure, the match is tough always, no.

Q. How do you explain nine mini-breaks in twelve points in the final tiebreaker? Nine mini-breaks.

RAFAEL NADAL: In clay that's normal, no.

Q. Out of twelve?

RAFAEL NADAL: I don't know, no. But in clay every point is tough, no. Is possible that, no. Last year against Gasquet in semifinals in the first tiebreak, in the first set, 7-6, I was lose 7-6, I don't win no one. I remember because I can't win any one, no.

But sometimes on clay, sure, is not normal. But with my serve, yes. With him, no.

Q. What do you think it means that Federer is winning so easily here against everybody? Maybe the first match was tougher, but the other matches, easy. Then he plays against you and he lost. Means that you are just Nadal and Federer and that's it, or are there other players that can compete with you and Federer?

RAFAEL NADAL: You know. You know the other players can compete perfectly with me, sure (smiling). With Federer, I don't know. But with me, sure (smiling).

Q. Do you think Federer now has a complex?

RAFAEL NADAL: I can't say nothing about that, no. Federer is the best, one of the best of the history. What complex, no?

Australia, Indian Wells and Miami, final here (speaking in Spanish).

Q. Rafael, was your first set against Gaudio tougher than anything Roger produced today?

RAFAEL NADAL: Every match is different, no? The strategy is different, the player is different. The rallies tougher with Gaudio, but with Federer is a lot of different things tougher, too, no.

Q. Is it normal for you now to win all these tournaments, or is it still a surprise when you succeed like that? It's something normal or...?

RAFAEL NADAL: Normal is never, no. Win a Masters Series is not normal for me, no?

Sure, I know if I am playing my best, I can win on clay a Masters Series, no. But I know I need play very good and I know is very tough because on clay and other surfaces all players is dangerous, no.

Q. Twice during the match when a call was given in your favor, you asked the umpire to check the mark. Is that something you did because you're playing Federer, or you think it's sporting to do that? Why did you do that?

RAFAEL NADAL: No, I always the same, no? Sure, if the ball is good, is good and if the ball is bad, is bad. So maybe is important the fair play in the sports, no.

Q. What do you think, which feeling do you have when you play Federer? Which shot do you think he doesn't like about yourself? What he doesn't like exactly? Is because every time you return one ball more, you are always there? Is what, is the pressure?

RAFAEL NADAL: You can ask him, because I don't know.

Q. I ask you, because it's more interesting. Is it physical strength?

RAFAEL NADAL: My forehand against his backhand is the best intercambio (speaking in Spanish).

End of FastScripts...
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Re: Monte Carlo Interviews where are they

Based on Federer's interview Nadal is getting him rattled. Esspecially when the #1 has to quote how many points he is ahead of the #2.

Nice to see a good rivalary. These guys are both very likeable and play such different games. Hopefully it will last along time.............
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Re: Monte Carlo Interviews where are they

Yanchir thanks soooooo much for the interviews...I hadn't seen them and was glad to read that Roger remains hopeful
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Re: Monte Carlo Interviews where are they

Yeah, Feds is definitely rattled. He's mad he lost.
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Re: Monte Carlo Interviews where are they

Did Rafa answer all of those questions in English? Well, Fed's definitely wrong on Rafa improving something.

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Re: Monte Carlo Interviews where are there

Yeah, interesting interview from Federer, he is certainly shooting a few hidden remarks towards Nadal on a few occassions, like pointing out that as long as he doesn't lose to him in Slams and as long as he is about 2000 ranking points ahead of him, everything is right to indicate that this Mickey Mouse loss in Monte Carlo doesn't bother him really.

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Re: Monte Carlo Interviews where are they

Originally Posted by Pea
Did Rafa answer all of those questions in English? Well, Fed's definitely wrong on Rafa improving something.
Yes, he did. Otherwise they would use the through translation at the top and at the answers that were translated.

On Nadal bumping him on the changeover, Rosol said: "It's ok, he wanted to take my concentration; I knew he would try something".

Wilander on Dimitrov - "He has mind set on imitating Federer and yes it looks good. But he has no idea what to do on the court".

Originally Posted by Filo V. View Post
I definitely would have preferred Gaba winning as he needs the points much more, but Jan would have beaten him anyway. I expect Hajek to destroy Machado, like 6-1 6-2.
Machado wins 6-2 6-1
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Re: Monte Carlo Interviews where are there

thanks Yanchir

have to say Nadal's english is worst than my french
he will get better
u stillunderstand what he means even if it is a weird english langauge
Federer doesnt looked to pleased with the loss
he is frustrated & rattled
going to make some rivalry

When Meeting Someone Greet them by Saying SALAM
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Re: Monte Carlo Interviews where are there

haha rafael always answers the same way

i love mango juice
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