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Question Who here on the board, has ever met a professional tennis player

Which of you guys have met any players on the atp tour in person?
How are they like?
who do you think is the coolest of them?

What are your experiences with them, conversations? autograph?
Give me your story

Tennis is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I haven't even gone to a tennis tournament yet
So maybe that's why I haven't met anyone

Tennis is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I met and talked to Roger, Moya, Kafel, Woodbridge (just got his autograph, he is the only one who wrote his whole name and yes its very clear) I got Safin's too, was going to talk to him but he was not in an good mood.
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Re: Who here on the board, has ever met a professional tennis player

only women, since there is a tournament nearby, but no men, i only meet them in my dream
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Nicolas Escude - one of the first guys I actually met. I got his autograph after he won a match in 2002 Sydney (I think!?) and thanked him for beating Hewitt/Aus in the Davis Cup final. He cracked up laughing.

Jonas - Ok, you'll have to bear with me for this one. Keep in mind Jonas is my favourite player, and this took place in Davis Cup 2001. My first 'tournament', Aus vs Sweden. I cried when I saw the Swedes on court. Not much, but I got pretty emotional! lol and then after it all, Jonas came out signing autographs (after losing all his matches!) talking with fans, posing for pictures, doing it all. He was so gracious... mind you I didn't speak to him, I was lucky I didn't faint...I had to have my friend do all the talking for me! haha!! But yeah he was very sweet.

Tojo (Thomas Johansson) - Caught him after training...I got weird vibes off him... maybe shyness or being annoyed by fans, I'm not sure. It was Adidas 2002, he was knocked out first round, then went on to win the Aussie Open!

Simon Aspelin - THE coolest guy! Seriously... I first saw him training in Sydney when my friend from Germany pointed him out to me. A few friends and I went over to watch him practice, and when he finished, he stuck around for 15 minutes just talking to us, taking photos, signing stuff while other people watched, wondering who he was. Then in Melbourne a week later, I was sitting in a restaurant with my friend and his mates...and Simon walked in... For a half hour I was wondering if it was him or not! lol... but it was. I wished him luck as I left... tried to be least annoying as possible.

Wayne Ferreira - Nice guy! He wears daggy shorts sometimes... he seems quite passionate and has always been very friendly when I've bumped into him in the past.

Rainer Schuettler - Another top guy! I met him in Sydney this year, after losing doubles with Braasch (prior to his JCF match). He was kind enough to sign things and talk with his supporters. (not many at the time!)

Roger Federer - Met him prior to winning the Adidas International (in 2002?). He signed heaps of stuff, held peoples children for photos, did everything. He was very kind and accessible! Very polite too.

Niclas Larsson - Wheelchair player from Sweden. Spunky, good sense of humour, and mates with Jonas so he couldnt go wrong!

Todd Woodbridge - Met him in Melbourne this year when I asked him if he knew if Jonas would be making it to the Aus Open. He told me I needed to work on my Swedish accent a little! (Aussie girl, in Swedish hat and colours). Smart ass! But a real good sort.

Scud - stopped to read an sms from my friend, and to have my photo taken with him. I didn't take notice of how nice he was. I wasnt a fan really, but he was there so I figured I'd get a pic with him

Now I cant wait for the tennis in about a month's time I have my tickets already so it should be a lot of fun!!!

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Re: Who here on the board, has ever met a professional tennis player

Sorry if any of that sounded like bragging. I didnt realise my reply was so long. I just get so excited by it all, you know?! lol... every month OTHER than january is all downhill for me!

♥ Oliver Marach ~ Jarkko Nieminen ~ Jürgen Melzer ~ Evgeny Korolev ♥
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Ok - well like Bjorkman Girl I've met quite a few too, so I'll try and keep it to the ones in the Top 20 that people may be more interested in:-

David Nalbandian - my own favourite, because he is so nice and friendly and "ordinary" and not at all the agressive person that many people on this Board try to make him out to be - a real sweetie

Tim Henman - the real "typical English gentleman" - reserved, quiet, polite, but always pleasant and has time for people.

Sjeng Schalken - another quiet but friendly man - keeps "himself to himself" but always pleasant - his girlfriend is nice too (actually I think they may be married now).

Gaston Gaudio - always has a nice smile for everyone and very patient with fans - especially children.

Rainer Schuettler - yes I agree with Bjorkman Girl - "another top guy" - very friendly and normal - not at all conceited or arrogant - always smiling and chatting to people.

Andy Roddick - nearly didn't put this in because he's probably the only person in the Top 10 I've met (on more than one occasion) and didn't like at all, and I didn't want to start some kind of Andy argument in this thread. So let's just say I thought he could use some manners, - and no, I didn't think this because I don't like him - I don't like him because of the way he has behaved on the occasions I've met him.

Paradorn Schrichaphan - another real gentleman - quiet and well-behaved and has a lovely smile and lovely manners

James Blake - very intelligent guy - lovely smile too and seems genuinely interested in talking and meeting new people.

Hope this helps!

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Ok, here's mine:

Moya: Was really nice with fans he signed for everyone even if it start raining...Charming! His coach seems also a great fellow.

Max Mirnil is also very classy...

Roger was a sweety, always smilling and charming. He took a lot of time to signed for everyone and was always very gracious with the journalists also he is very generous of his time (for interviews, signing sessions etc.)

Santoro is so cool...he was walking around without his shirt a towel around his neck chit chating with fans.

Guga and J-C are kind of shy. J-C did stop to sign othographs after his practice but not for so long he really seems inconfortable with the fans.

I agree Blake is a really cool guy, always smilling and joking around with others players and fans.

Sjeng Schalken I agree is a quiet man but very friendly and nice with people.

I also did not like Rodddick attitude and Hewitt was so not approchable he never stop to sign and was not smilling at all but he was very gracious with sick children later on. He met them during the tournement . He always do some stuff like that during tournements. The journalists always talk about his bad behavior but he must be the only one player spending so much time with sick children. He do it in almost all the tournements (he is the spoke person of a association for sick children)

I met other players but that's it for today LOL

Allez allez allez allez Marat !
Good Luck for the grass season!
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Here's my list:

Arnaud DiPasquale: Met him on several occasions...very much a gentleman. We swapped knee scope stories in Spanish, as my French is poor at best. He peels off labels on beer bottles just like I do!

Arnaud Clement: Hmmmm. Didn't say much, just smiled. He was incredibly sweet to my son, who even asked for his autograph in French. Makes up for his foul treatment of ballboys (at least in my eyes.)

Hicham Arazi: Lovely, fun and always wants to know where the next party is...

Younes El Aynaoui: OMG he is absolutely charming! He made me feel like a young girl again on my birthday...said I looked "tres magnifique!" (I celebrated my birthday this past year in Montreal.)

Stefan Koubek: Nice guy, shorter than I had thought. Likes Eminem.

Magnus Norman: Dresses sharp off court, but seemed to be a bit on the immature side (especially on the dance floor...)

Martin Verkirk: I can't say enough nice things about him - he is just an amazingly mature and sweet young man. Not an ounce of conceit at all.

David Adams: Another gentleman! Exceptionally mature and personable.

Martin Rodriguez/Gaston Etlis: T-R-O-U-B-L-E....they are actually quite entertaining.

Gaston Gaudio: Nice, but rather aloof. Kind of reminds me of a fraternity boy, outgoing around the brothers, but quieter/to himself when alone.

and the best for last (for lack of remembering any of the others...)

Fernando Vicente: Very cosmopolitan, intelligent and matter-of-fact. Honest, charming and really quite an interesting person. Had the opportunity to share a piece of chocolate cake with him, where he did introduce me to another player (in passing, Nicolas Massu.)

I didnt write any of the autograph ones, because I never really get autographs except when my kids are with me, so there's probably a few more that I have "met," but not had the chance to have an actual conversation.
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Yes, I forgot to mention Martin Verkerk in my post - and just wanted to say I agree with every work Michelle says - a real sweetie
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Re: Who here on the board, has ever met a professional tennis player

Marat Safin - very nice and cool with his Fans, signed and made photos for/with everybody who asked, very sweet and smiled a lot and made jokes very open and down to earth... not afraid to start a conservation. just a funny and charming guy!

Tommy Haas - idiot. very unfriendly... said he has no time and run off.

Alex Corretja - gentleman! as everybody knows him... very very nice guy and open guy

Andy Roddick - just bad attitude... "i`m the king and i`m not neccessary to do anything for the people" all the time.

James Blake - as already has been said... cool guy.

Nicolas Kiefer - seemed a bit shy , but polite

Magnus Norman - quit guy, but veryyyy sweet!!!!

Tim Henman - gentleman and smiling a lot

Thomas Enqvist - extremly nice! accomplished every wish!

Yevgeny Kafelnikov - was in a bad mood

Marat Safin - always the one and only
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here are mine
roger-- met him at about 1 am at this year's us open after his match against blake. he was really happy, and talked to a bunch of fans. seemed to enjoy it himself laughing quite a bit. he asked me if i was swiss, which i am but id never been asked the question before, and how much i played. somehow intuitively he knew he was getting to talk with some of his biggest fans... not many ppl would wait like that, i suppose.

james blake- right before roger. he was a really good sport for having just lost, but he seems stalker conscious all the time, and i couldnt blame him.

todd martin-- lol. i just thought this was funny. he's playing at the us open, and he has maybe 5 people (all with the giant tennis balls) watching his practice. he steps off the court signs 2, and then leaves the other 3 (about 15 seconds of work) out to dry. this woman cried, and i felt bad for her. but i didnt really care-- bc well, it was todd martin.

agassi-- i didnt meet him, but he gave off a nice impression. signed everything in sight as quickly as he could and got around to almost everyone. its hard for a player like him bc then some ppl go around telling others and soon he has way too many ppl to deal with.

paradorn and i had a short chat, and he seemed nice and has a cool autograph. one of my favs and there werent like 30 ppl around, so it was nice.

nalbandian waved to his fans while practicing, but he must have been in a hurry bc he didnt let them get pictures or sign anything.

i met hrbaty and some others as well, but ill limit it here... as the top players ive met and those who left interesting impressions.

some of the women in case anyone is interested... btw, i hate all of you who have gotten to meet monica seles

capriati-- met her in the lobby of the 4 season where my parents were staying. met her dad too. she was really nice and in a good mood. then again, who isnt when theyre at the 4 seasons?

conchita martinez signed and talked to fans through the fence-- she's pretty funny.

martina navratilova was really cool too. she signed a bunch and joked with everyone that she wasn't done with her workout after being on the practice court for about 3 hrs
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Re: Who here on the board, has ever met a professional tennis player

Thanks everyone for all your stories.
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Re: Who here on the board, has ever met a professional tennis player

I met Michael Change and his brother/coach. Kinda quiet, just signed some stuff and went on his way. I like him though. Ive met Brian vahaly, my mom knows his mom real well. He really cool, funny, i got to hit with him! And i met Andre agassi like in '97 when i was about 8, i really wasnt a fan of tennis so i cant really say how it went. I thought it was semi-neat at the time.
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No one's met Ferrero? 'Cause I'm gonna wanna meet you LOL Mmmmmm sorry guys I'm being obsessive again.. *drool*

intending to burn - pretending to fight it
everyone learns faster on fire

greets 2 my sweets @ Denaon's Place, The Spa & Roddickland

yes, as a matter of fact I am a fag..
and one who loves to touch homophobes' special area too, so mind your language

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