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Re: How do u pronounce Gael Monflis' name?

Just because it's funny and cute (and to make it even more complicated for those who can't already pronounce his real name... )... Do you know how the French DC/Fed Cup supporters from the ASEFT call Gaël?
They call him "Not'fils" (for "Notre fils" meaning "Our son" instead of "Mon fils" meaning "My son"... )...Nice, isn't it?

You can make a lot of jokes with his last name in French, playing with words... Monfiston etc...

For the pronounciation: "Mon" like in "Monday" plus "fils" pronounced "feess" (don't pronounce the "l") will do. But actually the "on" sound pronounced the French way doesn't exist in English, it's supposed to be pronounced like the one at the end of "filet mignon" if you know this dish...or like the one at the end of "Saint Emilion" if you know this wine...

"Myson is on fiiirrreee!!!!"

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