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Originally Posted by silverwhite
I'm back from Wernigerode, btw. Have you heard of it, Deflori? Apparently, even some Germans haven't heard of it?
Welcome back Silverwhite!
Haven't heard of Wernigerode before but i'm not German so...

Wernigerode[vernEgurO´du] Pronunciation Key, city (1994 pop. 36,905), Saxony-Anhalt, central Germany, at the northern foot of the Harz Mts. It is an industrial city, a tourist center, and an important road and rail junction. Manufactures include machine tools, electric motors, glass, leather goods, bricks, wood products, paper, and processed food. Noteworthy buildings in the picturesque city include a medieval castle (rebuilt in the 19th cent.), formerly the seat of the princes of Stolberg-Wernigerode; two Romanesque–early Gothic churches; and a 15th-century city hall...

Sounds cool Hope you had a nice time!
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