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I am putting my opinion across,but you guys really get upset don't you especially the Brazilian bloke, i mean grow up i am putting across my opinion and your saying i should be banned, i really hurt your feelings poooooooor man my heart bleeds for you. You could be right i might be biased towards Wimbledon, but as ive said over and over again it's the biggest tournament in regards to PRESTIGE-HISTORY how past players class it. But i don't mean no harm with you guys but this forum is very clicky (boys club no new members allowed sort of theme) you need to chill, players can play on clay when they want but my opinion and my point was as many people agree, is that players should work towards there all court game, it will help them in the long run, look at Ferrero he is a guy who is clay court specialist but wants to become the complete player which i respect totally,but when there is events all year round on clay guys like Gaudio don't need to and when they turn up for Wimbledon(if they bother too) they don't give it 100%. Look at Puerta at Wimbledon i cant remember correctly but he got beat 6-1 6-1 6-0 or something like that now i watched that match and there was no effort what so ever, do you get that from Hewitt or Henman There no 1 surface is not clay but when they need to play they will play and give it 100%. SO DONT BE PLAYER HATING GUGA, PEACE OUT.
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