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Your capability of talking biased, low level arguments really is something without precedents skel 1983, so let's start:

biggest event in tennis
Based in what? Financial reward? Your biased mind filled with british Wimbledon propaganda?

and gain ranking points on there little clay court events
First, Most of these clay events aren't small, they have a good amount of respectable players in their draws. Second, players like Federer, Hewitt and Roddick also collect a good number of points and money playing into smaller events. Your argument would have had relevance if was in relation to ATP's race points. But since it wasn't.......

these guys should learn and adapt there games to surfaces there not use to
I agree, they should do it (the majority IS doing this, smart one), however they had passed their entire life training hard on clay courts to be where they are today, and now deserve to receive all the credits for that. And this means give some emphasis in their favorite tournaments. They should play the masters and GS that are the obligatory tournaments, but not other smaller tournaments in different surfaces, that doesn't give to them any advantages compared to the clay tournaments of the same class (Yes, I know that's hard for you to understand and accept this, but the clay tournaments of this time of the year aren't inferior to the hard courts ones)

if not should be fined and even banned it's not good for the game.
I agree with that they should receive punishment if they skip more than a few obligatory tournaments, barring injuries and other excepcional reasons, but the only one here that should be banned is you.

why is there clay tornys this week
Because some tournaments can have the right to exist, even if them doesn't work as a preliminary to a grand slam?

roddick federer hewitt safin will be playing these events they would if it was lead up to french open
Would they? I hate to disappoint you, but there is a really good chance that most of them wouldn't be playing the majority of these events. And the main reason is simply that Hewitt, Roddick and even Federer prefer to play on hardcourts. They probably would use the time of most of these events to rest or perhaps even to play some hardcourt tournaments. Safin I believe, is the one that would have the greatest chance to play two of these three.
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