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First off i apologize i realise i went over the top a little, with my reply to Chloe, but my reaction was one of anger as i am asking opinions and i get a reply like that i mean the majority of people agree with me so i think i make a valid point, i probably should of made my point a bit clearer and a couple of people have hit it on the nail.

I feel players like Gaudio devalue the game of tennis he pulls out of the biggest event in tennis but is playing the week after it use to happen with correctja costa all the usual suspects, thats what gets me these guys no they can make there $$ and gain ranking points on there little clay court events, i feel there are too many players devaluing the game because they can, these guys should learn and adapt there games to surfaces there not use to if not should be fined and even banned it's not good for the game.

Some of you guys say Federer Hewitt gain all there points on grass these guys play the master series and rolland garrros and give it there all year in year out
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