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Re: *0* Fans Pix *0*

Originally Posted by Aleksa's Laydee
I hope you see him one day!!
Come to his forum on this message the Sweden section

Thomas is a very nice guy! Hes a little shy but speaks really good english and is very polite so if you talk to him he will talk back He said 'Happy Birthday' to me when i met him
Aww! *melts*
I knew it, he seems to be such a good, polite, nice guy !
I'd be really nervous and all (if I had to talk to him) though... because I admire the way he plays so much. He's really, like, this graceful, talented player I've always loved.
So, he told you "happy birthday"? How sweet! You have to be the luckiest person I've ever met (and you saw Andy Murray too!)
I'm kind of already reading his forums but haven't posted yet. Sometime soon, maybe

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