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Gstaad report

Well some of you guys might know that I offered myself this week here in Gstaad so far I had a great time.

Here are some impressions.

Day 1

Well as I was busy monday morning it was about 3 PM till I got to Gstaad.

Thanks to a rain delay I haven't missed that much. Came in time to get JCF autographe as he just was having a autograph session. (Too bad this was the only time I saw him.... )

Well then I was able to follow Chiudinellys match gee he really had chances to win but Montanes played really good on the big points.

Next up was Stanislas Wawrinka. Guess this guy was nervos as he really did overhit a lot of forhandstrokes. So it was no wonder that he lost this match in straight sets. But also kudos to Ruben this guy is a runner and fighter and has a big forehand too.

Last on was Ivo Heuberger against Stepanek. Well the first set was pretty dominated by Stepanek. Heuberger missed a lot of shots. And I wouldn't have given a dime on Ivo again. That's also why I left after the first set had to go home as I had things to do the next morning.

So I later found out that Ivo managed to win the second set and then lost the third.

Day 2
Well it was a fun day - exept for Ferrero loosing first round - and I
missed his match becouse I had to do something at home and wasn't in
Gstaad before 1 PM just to find out that he lost...
Oh well at least I saw him yesterday when he had an autograph session.
Wished him good luck for the rest of the season he thanked for it - well
as it looks like it didn't help much...
Too bad for Michel loosing his first round match - he for sure had his
chances to win. Unfortunately he wasn't patient enough to convert his break
chances he had in the third set...
As for Marc glad he won - Pavel really got fustrated about Marcs serve (Gee
what is Pavel going to do when he faces Roddick or Karlovic??)
As for the ceremony for Roger he was sweat as allways (Though I had the
impression that there were less people than there were last year guess the
bad weather was part of the reason for this...)
As everybody else me too was wondering what he'll get this time. (Well guess
the organisers just were kind of forced to gi8ve him something after that
cow thing was that big last year!!) There was this alphorn dou playing a
song not bad but not all that great either as ppl started claping
severaltimes when they weren't finished yet. (Well we were here to see and
hear Roger not alphornmusic ;-) )
Then sure Roger had his go and yes he made a pretty good sound too but
hmmm to be honest either he practiced really hard before that or then
they tricked everybody couse even my brother who played the trumped
wasn't able to make such a clear loud sound at his first go on an alphorn...
The one he got can be splited in parts for transportation (otherwise he
really would have difficulties to carry it arround.
And then he came to play his match. And gee was he on fier!! Poor Tomas
Behrend (gee that guy is actually one of the better looking ones on the
tour!!) whatever he did Roger still had an answer. Just as well it was a
quick match as right after mp was played it started to rain again and play
had to be suspended...
...later on I watched the rest of Karlovic vs. Hernandes well Karlovic won
and will be Rogers next opponent looking forward to this match tomorrow!!
But it might even be harder for Roger to beat this guy on clay... oh well
I'm confident.

Day 3
Saw the upset of Albert Costa against young russian Igor Andreev
yes the one who coused already some headackes at RG. This guy really has a
powerful forehand. At the otherside Casta sort of moved not that great and
seamed to be kind of listless well that was my impression anyways.

The day started with the match Novak against Montanes. Novak breaking
Montanes in the first game to love there everybody was thinking that's going
to be a peace of cake for Novak but gee were we all wrong. As the spaniard
broke back right away and got used to the conditions with every shot. He
then showed what he can do with his forehand. Some great rallies there and
Novak wasn't able to find his rythm till the second set. Still the match
could have gone either way at the end Novak got the better end out of it but
he really had to fight hard for it.

Then I went to see some doubles Peas/Rikl s. Arnold/Garcia not that great
but still entertaining. But the outcome was kind of clear from the

Then went to see the rest of Potito Starace vs Victor Hanescou. As I only
saw the match from the third set on I don't know what was going on before.
But there must have been some arguments as I heard the public booing when
beeing on the other court. Anyways it seemed that the public was behind the
young italian and again a big forehand there but this guy also moves pretty
well he then finally won the match in a pretty clear tb.

Next up was Ruben Ramirez Hidalco (he sort of looks like Feliciano Lopez
only that Lopez looks kind of smoother ) Koubek seams out of rythem for most
of the time. (Unfortunately I have missed his match against Ferrero
yesterday so I can't compare his play between the two matches.) But it
wasn't only Koubeks bad play but more Ruben's great play. That guy is a
fighter and made some great dropshots too. And again a huge forehand. Seams
that this is the weapon of a lot of the young guys these days a powerful

The day ended with a doubles almost pure swiss. Only Schuettler beeing a
semi foreigner As he's living in Switzerland it kind of was team Altstaetten
(Rainer and Ivo are both living there) vs the Romands Rosset and Wawrinka
coming from the french spoken part of Switzerland. And the young Wawrinka
pleased everybody. He made some amazing crosscourt shots and tricked
everybody with it. Sure Rosset served helped as well. Still Wawrinka kind of
was the man of the match. Was good fun watching them and I'm already loking
forward to the match aginst Cermak/Friedl.

Day 4 Thursday
Well unfortunately play has been suspended by rain so Roger will play his match tomorrow and I doubt that Rosset will finish his match today against Stepanek but it looks good for him so far as he won the first set wasn't a good match as the conditions with the wind were kind of hard and it was pretty dark when they played.

The first match between Mantilla and Ferrer was very entertaining. Ferrer really playing good making a lot of dropshots and pushing Felix to the max. Unfortunately he missed some of his many setpoints as he was overpovering his forehand. Too bad still it was a good match.

Not like the one between Schuettler and Meyer. O.K. the conditions were hard as there was kind of a strong wind and it's bee though to play. Still Meyer wasn't that good missed a lot of shots. The match was boring so I left after the fist set. Only to go to have an icecream as Ruben Ramirez Hidalco was serving them And by the time I had my icecream Schuettler had won his match - so I went to the court exit and got his autograph too. Pretty nice guy I have to say.

Well keep you guys updated tomorrow it'll be a busy day quite a lot of swiss in action so let's keep the fingers crossed for them.

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Re: Gstaad report

That was a really great and indepth report Doris Loeffel

Shame about the rain LOL about Rogi and the alphorn tho!

Thanks very much, always really nice of other ppl to share their times at the tournaments.

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Re: Gstaad report

Thanks for sharing your experience Doris . Seems like you have a great time there.
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Re: Gstaad report

yeah, that's a nice report!

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Re: Gstaad report

Thanks for sharing your nice report with us. Have fun in Gstaad today.
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Re: Gstaad report

yep, wen is roger playin.
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Re: Gstaad report

actually Hidalgo-Ramirez is a cross between Feli Lopez & Tommy Haas.

still showing rain on today's forecast, but tomorrow looks good. perhaps i'd still be able to catch Roger on court.

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Re: Gstaad report

wow! great report! thanks!!
you are very lucky to meet jc!!!! i wish i could too.....)

Andy Roddick, Roger Federer, Marat Safin, Rafael Nadal

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Re: Gstaad report

Hey! Thanks! Great report!
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Re: Gstaad report

Thanks for the report Doris.

You got an autograph from Rainer. *thud*
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Re: Gstaad report

Any updates? Did you see any of Roger's matches today?
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Re: Gstaad report

And here's Fridays report..

When I woke up this morning it was raining again and I already feared that play won't be started in time. But fortunately it cleared up so I went to the grounds early (mainly becouse my hotel is just right beside the tennis courts ) and seen Roger training with Yves Allegro on the otherside was Ivo Karlovic with I forgot who hehehe. Then on court 1 Rosset was training with Yves again (gee Yves really is busy too hehehe with all that training) on the otherside Novak and Stepanek.

Well the weather really looked good till about 5 min to when the match between Roger and Ivo was
supposed to start. There were again a few drops falling. Fortunately not enough so play startet at 11 pm. As expected the match was mainly just serving missed returns and not really that much playing. Still Roger looked good and he even was close to break Ivo in the first set but unfortunately failed. Then tb started pretty good for Roger he was up a minibreak and
then all of a sudden this stuppid helicopter turned up. First we all thought he'll just passing buy but gee were we all wrong he was making about 3 circels around the court disturbing everybody especially Roger who just lost that minibreak and even worse got a minibreak down!!!!! Grrr there should be no such thing possible!! Otherwise who knows that first set might have been Rogers too.

Fortunately he was able to break Ivo quite early in the second set. Still not much of a real play. And when the ball was in Roger usually made the
point exept when Ivo went to the net - well I mean with two steps Ivo crosses the court so it was really hard for Roger to pass this guy. Still he made that second set.

Third same still the same picture Ace, Service winner hardly any play. But this time Roger fortunately was able to win the tb (no helicopter around
) he could have made it in two but glad he made it in 3.

Next up Rosset vs. Stepanek. Well what can I say. Rosset really had his chances to win this thing in two sets. But somehow he blew it. Well you really can see that he just doesn't like to play his bh he always tried to awoid it - with the result that he missed a few shots....

... so no surprise he lost.

As for the match between cutie Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo and Igor Andreev well only saw two games of it and got boored well it just was a fh slug
festival - who can hit it harder. Not really much variety so I left again - too bad Ruben lost thoug oh well..

Then Novak against Starace was on. Haven't seen the beginning of the first set but that italian guy really was playing great. Great variety in the shots coming to the net, making some amazing dropshots Novak just never
found his rythem. So it was a really intertaining match and I'm glad Starace won it.

Next up was Roger against Radek. Well Roger really started good by taking the first set 6:1 in no time - o.k. I belive Radek got hurt somehow as he went out after the first set and returned compleately different for the
second. Now the play wasn't as onesided anymore. Radek taking Roger to his limits by changing tactics and passing Roger pretty good sometimes. Still Roger had the chance to serve the set home but all of a sudden his first serve wasn't working anymore. he didn't make one first serve when serving at 5:4 and got broken right away as Radek attacked his second serves pretty
good. Even worse Roger got broken a second time...

Just as well Roger was able to break Radek in the very first game in the third set. And this time he even had chances to break again. But at least this time he held nerves and served the thing home!!! Good one Roger

Oh did I mention that it was sold out today and the atmosphere really was great. Sure all the ppl were behind Roger but still fair enough to Radek who even thanked the public as well.

Well haven't seen the match between Mantilla and Schuettler as they were moved to court 1 I stayed on RME as Rosset/Wawrinka were playing against the nr. 2 seeds Cermak/Freidl. And Wawrinka again was playing really good getting almost every ball back the threw at him. Of course Rosset's serve was helping too. Really enjoyed watching this double sort of made a nice end to the day.

Well guess I haven't mentioned yet that they making a sound stage concert after the last matched played on REM this year. Not a bad idea just too bad for the bands that most ppl are leaving... so there's not really an ambiance.

As for the players it's sort of harder to get close to them this year as the year before. Mainly becouse they changed the entrance to the court and they have a shorter walk to the lockerroom. Still the atmosphere is pretty relaxed and once in a while you still may pop in one or the other player.

As for today I hope they will be able to start play in time. Right now it's still slighly raining. Haven't seen any players training yet - will go back shortly don't wanna miss that semi ;-)
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Re: Gstaad report

Thanks for another wonderful report Doris. Did you take any piccies btw?
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Re: Gstaad report

WOW Doris, sounds like you had a great week. Are you living in Gstaad or did you go on holiday there?
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Re: Gstaad report

Offered myself a holiday in Gstaad

Sunnday 11.7.04
Hmm it didn't look good in the morning. Rain, rain, rain and no one to
be seen warming up on REA...

and it still was slightly raining at around 11 h when play should have
started. Fortunately it looked like it was clearing up and play could start
with not much delay.

Roger started as usual held his serve to love. But also Igor started pretty
good and held his serve. But already in Igors second service game he was
broken and Roger had no problem to control the set. One also has to say that
Igor was nervous and made quite a few mistakes.

Still the same image in the second set. Roger got an early break and never
looked back. They weren't playing all that great but still some breahtaking
rallies and some amazing strokes from both sides.

As Roger went up a break early in the third break it really looked like an
easy win for him. But all of a sudden the rallies got longer and Igor
redused his mistakes and again Roger was lacking his first serve. So Igor
was able ato level the match again. Not enough he even made a second break
to win the third set.

To be honest after he lost that game I started to worrie a bit if Roger
would have enough energy left to still win this as Igor is a great fighter
and runs for everyball and amazingly brings them back too!! But Roger soon
showed how he improved also his mental strengts!! Even tho it was Igor who
had the chence to break first it was Roger who finally made the break!! He
then was able to held his serve easy again. (Yes his first serve was back)
and thanks to an other mistake from Igor he won the match with an other

It was great to have been able to witness Roger's first victory on homesoil
and that this time he didn't let go. Even though it could not always been
heard but the public was a 100% behind Roger but still was able to also
appreciate and respect Igor's great fighting spirit and great play too. Well
guess we swisspeople need a special invitation just to really go grazy and
cheer only for one player.

This time I left the stands even before the trophyceremony was fully over.
But still was too late to get an autograph as he was in a hurry when he left
the court. So I went out the tennisarea and walked around it to the back
door where usually the players leave. Walked passed the TV cars and all of a
sudden heard Roger's voice. So I followed the TV interview live from outside
the facilities ;-) After he finished I went back to the backentrance and
waited till he would come out of that TV car. He finally did and signed a
lot of autographes there and I already thought I had the wrong idea. But he
then came our (I wasn't the only one waiting there)
way but went towards the tent grrr. But got stopped again by some kids so I
just didn't care and entered the grounds as well and finally got my
tournamentbook signed by the new champion Well I still was so impressed
by him that I guess I didn't even say a word to him... Sorry Roger for
almost stalking you but I just had to have your signature...

Well with this action I missed the first 3 games of the doubles final but
didn't care much about it. Unfortunately Rosset/Wawrinka weren't as good as
they were before. But then again they were playing the defending champions
Paes/Riekl who are just great doubles players. This time I think Wawrinka
got broken and that was enough for Leander and David to win the first set.
It looked even worse in the second one. They immediately broke the swiss
guys again. Well Rosset really has a problem when it comes to moving and
unfortunately this time Stanislas had some misshits as well. When it was
pretty clear that Rosset/Wawrinka wouldn't stand a chance anymore Rosset
started to animate the public when ever he finally was able to return a
serve!! By the time Leander was serving for the set he had to wait a moment
as Stan started the La Ola during the break and it just didn't seem to stop
anymore. Made the tour about 5 times!! So yes the swiss-public actually is
able to make some noise ;-)

Well all in all it was a great week in Gstaad and a really deserving
Well done Roger keep it up!!
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