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Re: Thank Goodness No Yucky Grass in Gstaad!

Really nice interview with Nico from Radio Cooperativa. He really sounds so mature this year....very proud of him!

Despite the difficult thing that signified to obtain it, the Chilean Nicolas Massú (30º) received of very good way his victory on the German Tomas Behrend (82º) in the first round of the tournament of Gstaad, therefore he assured that he needs to grow in confidence in base to results.

The viñamarino was imposed for 7-6 (4) and 7-6 (3) al German, after which expressed its sensations in dialogue with Al Air Free in Cooperativa.

"I am happy, trying to be each better day, of giving the best of me. I am quite happy by to have won, because this year has been difficult by my health, so everything that be to won for me is important, of the form that be. Always the result al final is what imports and good, I am in second round of Gstaad and would be playing Thursday against (Jan) Hernych", declared.

Massú indicated that is conscious that should face its badly moment, with descent in the ranking included, and to work day by day to leave, for what has a lot of mental force.

"I am in the situation that has touched myself to live, not because have played badly or be I lack of confidence, but because I had a quite complicated injuries, I had an operation in between, and are things that never expected that were going to pass me in the best moment of my career", maintained the Olympic champion of Athens 2004.

"I have surprised myself for the strong thing that I am mentally, me has not affected so much as before, perhaps if I leave this I am going to return stronger, because one enters with more you win. Now the triumphs that obtain are more important, perhaps before had accustomed me to win, now I have to know to live the moment, I am a fighter and I have to try to leave and to look at for ahead", added.

The objectives for the remainder of 2005

Massú avoids to be done too large expectations, only wants to go improving little by little, with the feet in the land.

"My goal this year is to finish possible the best, to go gaining confidence day by day, to feel me well and happy. In these moments I cannot say that I feel incredible, but each day I go feeling better. The good thing is that I go advancing and that leaves me tranquil to be able to raise me al following day with the tranquility that I am doing it well", indicated.

The number two national did not have problems in comparing its season with that of Fernando González (18º) and notified that is difficult that be able short-term to arrive al level that Fernando has at present.

"Fernando has had a quite different year al my; either for him, that has had a good year. I had in recent years spectacular campaigns also and the unique thing that expect of me in these moments is to play well, I do not know that I can expect of the results", he explained.

"One must be a realist, I lack a lot still, a lot of road and I have to live the day by day. Now, if I arrive al US Open and I do a great welcome tournament be, I to each tournament that go with the mentality to win", he added.

Of all ways and although he does not want to be put very ambitious goals, Massú not to stops being an optimist as for what expects for what reduces of 2005.

"I hope to have a second half of the year as the ones that had in the last two years. It is going to be complicated because perhaps I lost a little ranking, perhaps al final of year I am not going to be seeded, but one must confront the situation and I know that depends a lot of how sits down me and I know that if I am well I can yield and to play even better than before", affirmed.

On the possibility to obtain a new coach after being dissociated of Patrician Rodriguez, the viñamarino insisted that will expect to hire al suitable coach.

"The unique thing that want is to decide with calm and that the person that be with me be the correct one so that he be up again winning tournaments", he argued. (
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