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Originally Posted by Sham Kay View Post
Motorhead - If you want to discuss your concerns here, PM an admin or supermod and we'll discuss it with you to whatever length you like. This thread isn't for lengthy discussions about specific events that happen around the forum. In answer to this-

The action(s) taken by moderators with regards to posts or threads created by members is between moderators' and that member. But, again give us a PM and we can go into further detail. Let's have nothing else on this topic please.
I knew some of you would have buried this immediately, please I want my post back in order to proceed with the appeal. I've sent Viruzzz the link to the post as a direct appeal. It took me time to write, there was no rule infringement in it and it exposed what Sonja has been doing to me during these months. And no, I don't feel comfortable discussing the issue with someone who's burying evidence on what's happening here. I'd like to have the site's owner email please.

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