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Re: Gonzo Articles and News

Here’s Fernando’s interview from the Wimbledon site:

F. Gonzalez - Day 7
Monday, June 27, 2005

Q. Can you explain the success of a lot of the players that are traditionally doing better on clay. We have Lopez in the quarterfinals, you in the quarterfinals ‑ first time since '85 from Chile ‑ we have two Argentines in the Round of 16. What's happening?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: Yeah, maybe the court is little bit slower than 20 years ago.

But the tour makes you play everywhere because you have to play some tournaments in indoors, you have to play some tournaments on clay, on hard court. You have to play everywhere.

For me, this was the first time that I did a good preparation, I mean a real preparation. I played Queen's, I played exhibition tournament last week. And every time that I come to Wimbledon, I come three days before. Last year I come five or six days, but it's not enough time.

Q. So you're taking it more seriously, the grass court season, than before?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: Yeah, because I never think that I can play good on grass. And this year, I say, Okay, everything that I do is for free on the grass (smiling).

So it's my best tournament of the year, so I'm really happy. I'm really surprised about this.

Q. You're not practicing more on grass in the year, right?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: No. I mean, I just come after the French, play Queen's. Still playing, practicing on grass only few weeks a year.

Q. Previously, after the French, you would play a clay court tournament?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: No, I would take a rest because I play too many weeks in a row. Then I come to London maybe three or five days before the tournament start, but is not enough time.

Q. Just one more about aces. I see you were second in the tournament for aces coming into the fourth round.

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: What do you mean?

Q. The number of aces you hit is second coming into the fourth round.

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: Oh, really, after Roddick?

Q. After Mirnyi, after Max Mirnyi. Do you think this is an important statistic for success on grass?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: Absolutely. I mean, if I serve good, I can go to the game of return, I go relax, because I know that I'm not gonna lose my serve. So I can play and try to go for it, for each shot, you know.

Q. But is it more important, aces, than first serve percentage or...

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: Yeah, I mean, I think it's more important to ‑‑ maybe. I mean, to win a lot of free points, it's very important. Because sometimes, some days, the other day against Johansson I won I think maybe two or three points per game, free points, you know. And that's ‑‑ I mean, it's easy playing like that.

Q. Are you serving as well as you've served?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: Every day I serve much better than I used to do it. Today I didn't serve so good, but I won the match and I was feeling really good on the grass, so...

Q. Do you like the grass courts? Because they're quite fast, they should suit your fast game.

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: Well, not really much. But I enjoy to play because it's Wimbledon and you only play maybe two weeks in a year. But after this result, I will enjoy more every time.

Q. Is there any grass courts in your home country?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: No. Synthetic grass. Sometimes I practice on the football (smiling). They put a net, and I practice on the synthetic grass.

Q. In the football stadium?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: Yeah ‑‑ no, I mean on synthetic grass.

Q. But in a stadium?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: No, not in a stadium. Any place. I play football with my friends, and then I practice (smiling).

Q. How do you like the prospect of maybe facing Federer in the next round?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: Interesting match. I would love to play at this stadium, I never play. I'm already in quarterfinals and I haven't played there.

I never beat him, but last two times it was close matches. It was on clay. Here will be different.

But let's see. I mean, I am playing good, and Federer have to win his match. He have a tough match now.

Q. What kind of difference do you think it makes playing on grass as opposed to clay as it was in Roland Garros?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: I mean, you win more free points. Maybe the points are much shorter. My slice is a real whip on here, not on clay. Is only to defend sometimes. But here, you can use it.

Q. Does it mean something special to you to be the first person from Chile to be here in the quarterfinals since '85?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: Yeah, 20 years ago. I talked the other day with Ricardo Acuna. Once every 20 year maybe. I hope that we don't have to wait 20 more years to have another one in the quarters.

But I still in the tournament, so I'm happy. I'm going to try my best.

Q. I think you're the only one that has not lost a set in the quarterfinals. It's pretty surprising, no?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: It is (smiling). But the most important thing is to win the match. I mean, it doesn't matter if it's 10‑8 in the fifth or straight sets. I mean, for me, is just a detail.

And another article in Spanish with lots of quotes of Fernando:

Fernando González: "Dependo más de mí que de mi rival"

El número uno de Chile sabe que en cuartos de final de Wimbledon tendrá un complicado duelo ante el suizo Roger Federer, pero confía en su tenis para buscar un triunfo.

Luego de conseguir un histórico paso a los cuartos de final de Wimbledon tras vencer por 7-6 (3), 7-6 (5) y 6-3 al ruso Mikhail Youzhny (34º), el tenista chileno Fernando González (21º) se declaró confiado en que puede buscar un inédito paso a semifinales ante el suizo Roger Federer (1º).

Sin conocer aún el resultado del duelo en que Federer batió por 6-3, 6-4 y 7-6 (6) al español Juan Carlos Ferrero (31º), el número uno nacional se refirió a su próximo desafío.

"Los dos son muy buenos jugadores. Juan Carlos obviamente sería mejor para mí, porque (el césped) no es su mejor superficie. En cambio, para Federer es lo que más le acomoda. Pero hay que estar tranquilo porque afortunadamente, dependo más de mí que de mi rival", aseguró.

El pupilo de Horacio de la Peña no quiere plantearse aún la posibilidad de pelear por el título del tercer Grand Slam de la temporada, pero está seguro que tiene el nivel necesario para dar la gran sorpresa en la "Catedral" del tenis.

"Todo es posible, sería un sueño para mí, pero hay que ir tranquilo. Me espera un partido bastante duro, pero hay que ir paso a paso, aunque estoy dispuesto a ganarlo", aseveró.

"Me siento muy contento, he jugado un gran tenis, con mucha confianza, pero ha sido un partido duro", comentó tras la victoria ante Youzhny, a quien superó por segunda vez en su carrera.

Fernando González sabe que con el triunfo de este lunes se convirtió en el primer chileno que se mete en cuartos de Wimbledon desde 1985, cuando lo hizo Ricardo Acuña para repetir el logro que Luis Ayala había conseguido en 1959 y 1961, pero prefiere no darle importancia.

"La historia está en los museos. Lo más importante es ganar los partidos, y para mí esto es sólo un dato", manifestó.

Consultado sobre las expectativas que se generan a medida que va avanzando, González prefirió "sacudirse" y centrarse solamente en lo que pasa en la cancha.

"Presión siempre hay, uno se la pone porque quiere ganar y seguir avanzando, pero lo más importante es disfrutar del juego", apuntó. (EFE)
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