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Re: Johnny Groove 1-6, 4-6 vs. Marc Yurgenson (ITF #2,223)

Originally Posted by Mountaindewslave View Post
this, Johnny's passion is admirable but the reality is it is far and large obvious he should try a different career path

there are thousands of players as good as him who ARENT ATP ranked. sad but true

and frankly its awesome that after years you are managing to win games against some good young players but you're 23, you're not going to get exponentially better at this point (probably, generally people who excel at a sport get very good very young)

I know you are just being positive and having fun with the crazy goals but even getting an ATP ranking you would have to be probably multiple times better than you are now which is crazy. you're 23! you're having back problems, the chances for you to improve exponentially if you are already having physical problems AND have no funding for special training makes it nearly impossible that you will be able to improve enough to even win Futures matches ever

I don't mean to be extremely negative but while it's awesome that you're doing something you love when you can, I'm afraid you'll waste a lot of opportunities trying to do something that is fruitless in tennis here. others have recommended good advice, consider applying at some clubs or even colleges to be some assistant or adviser for a tennis team possibly. your knowledge of tennis certainly outweighs your skill or potential
Originally Posted by Mountaindewslave View Post
Groove should be begging and grinding to get coaches and up and coming players in his area to let him practice and learn from them

it's kind of a pain in the ass, but when you really want to do something and what you've BEEN doing isn't working then you need to change it up
you should be trying something new because frankly training on your own or with such limited means will not help you improve vastly.
I would seriously recommend if you have the time to see if you can find some form of internship for some coach or club or possibly volunteer to be free help
Shinoj is in a way right, I dig the aspirations but the issue becomes when you put your dreams on such a high pedestal that they become more of a thought than a reality
if you keep doing things how you've been doing them it will continue to be a dream. don't live through this forum, jump into the real air in front of you and desperately try to grab and get whatever tools and help you can
you've been stagnating in a way, you need to do whatever it takes to get someone more experienced to help you (tennis wise!)
Originally Posted by Mountaindewslave View Post
the problem is there is no chance Groove

if you can't find some happiness in just giving lessons or working a tennis environment or even becoming a writer or columnist of the sport then that is quite concerning

you're 23, you started too late, it is what it is

I'm not trying to be an ass hole but if you do not consider other career options or more realistic goals then like HowManyTimes said, you will doom yourself for the future

anyone can have fire and belief and love something to death but that doesn't mean it will happen. I can stare at a graveyard and wish and plead for someone to come back to life with more passion than anything or anyone else in the world but it won't do anything. just because you WANT to be a pro tennis player doesn't mean you deserve it to happen or that life it will be more willed to happen

reality : you should go find some other career path, build some success there, get some good savings, and if you truly think you can play until you are 40 then come back when you are like 30 and try tennis out again so that you have a CAREER to fall back onto and more wisdom
Originally Posted by Mountaindewslave View Post
sometimes in life even when we love things we have to let them go!
no offense to Johnny, but there are many many great great junior players who at like 16, 17 years old were vastly better than he is now and really ever has the hope to get to... where did they end up?
I'll clue you in : they didn't make it the PRO level because it's so astronomically hard to make it. players who started at like 4 years old, who had junior success, the huge majority don't make it to the ATP
Deathless Mortal is correct, you have time to make the right decisions RIGHT NOW
everyone dreams of grandeur but I think you have deluded your brain with dreams
if you're 40 years old and tell your daughter that she's a failure if she doesn't acccomplish her dreams then what will that say?
there's nothing wrong with being an average human being
I'm afraid your problem is that you're too self centered to accept an average life
you want more than you deserve
at least in terms of tennis
Originally Posted by Mountaindewslave View Post
^^^ this is unfortunate reality

I'm just baffled, like it truly blows my mind, you're getting routined by players in multiple tiered levels BELOW the top few thousands, what results have you made that give you any inclination of EVER being able to beat even player ranked 2000?
Originally Posted by Mountaindewslave View Post
after reading through this thread more, I feel very stupid taking it seriously

Johnny its absurd that you would troll so excessively for so long
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