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Re: tennis autographs?

Originally Posted by Scarlem08
I'm a new member and an avid tennis collector and fan. I collect tennis autographs and I need help finding the addresses of these retired players so I can send them my autograph requests: Sidney Wood, Adriano Panatta, Brian Teacher, Budge Patty, Jan Kodes, Ashley Cooper, Johan Kriek, Ken McGregor, Sven Davidson, Mervyn Rose, Andres Gimeno, and Andres Gomez.

Also, if anyone knows where I can buy or trade for autographs of these deceased players, it would be a great help: Chuck McKinley, Yvon Petra, Rafael Osuna, John Doeg, Dinny Pails, Viv McGrath, Gar Moon, and Norman Brookes.

Whoa... I wish I could help you, but i cant...

Though, I have to admit I am amazed (and proud) that you know "El pelón" Osuna...

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