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Re: Wednesday OOP and scores

Originally Posted by helloicanseeu
what amateur? The French is the worst tournament to play in and to win:
why? Because not of the clay which many Americans abhor, but because
of the varying physical conditions throughout the week,
it could be very hot and the balls would go fast, and then cold and rainy the next day, you'll never know as a player.

Pls do not pretend to be knowledgeable, I watch the whole week of it.
I can understand why players find it hard to cope with the conditions.

what like clay,hate clay? It's a bad environment to play tennis, that's why it's the worst tournament for players generally.

you just gave several good arguments for why Roland Garros should be the most coveted of all titles ...

secondly, you question my knowledge, yet you believe that RG is played over 1 week

thirdly, tennis is a game enjoyed by people all over the world. do you have any idea about the cost and maintenance of a hardcourt? if it weren't for clay, then many of the european and south american countries, from where the world's best players hail, would only have a limited number of tennis courts for the whole country to share... does that make sense? is offline  
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