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Re: In loving memory of Henry - the Attention Seekers

Originally Posted by Nathaliia View Post
yes, i have always been aware of my value, therefore very calculating

no, not really... i started realizing value when i was 19 or smth... so well of a MTF member already. but in mid-teens i had my life planned, sort of. somehow i didn't believe i would be with someone i'd have a romantic relationship with, life was kind on me with this one, i was sure i'd get married on a contract. on the other hand, i was absolutely sure i'd pick the professional career and that i'd write movie scripts (books, at worst). i guess i could still pursue movie scripts at least on the indie level, but i picked the romantic relationship and remain famous just in tennis circles
I've heard Jennifer Saunders moan that even the BBC pays poorly for scripts these days. And, as you know, in Poland it's even worse. At least BBC execs accept some good scripts from time to time. Is there a good TV show on Polish TV right now?

Originally Posted by Nathaliia View Post
it's his luck, he won't get in life of a polish person

yeah the 80 yo journalist screwed me in the comments for not adding news as soon as matches finish like i was PAP... (well, i guess my english is better than PAP's 'special example' for przysiezny, john tomic goes to jail, etc.)

i'd have to dedicate my life to make news outlet out of it now i stay alone and don't have exams, so i don't have troubles with updating regularly, but it's usually just about impressions. one of my writers is employed as a teacher, and one is just graduating from uni (alex_k from MTF but i'm not 100% sure), and i pay them peanuts (still better than wage per article at polish portals, as my experience tells )
It's so hard to earn money on an internet content.

Originally Posted by Ilovetheblues_86 View Post
Quinzi isnt the player that will steamroll you, I think he is more like a dirtballer that will have a Monfils/Gasquet career rather than being the GOAT but Luz played really well, was 4-2 leadin in the first set.

IMO Luz is the best junior of Brazil, the only one that could become an ATP Player but so far is hard to tell even if hes going to be better than 300th.
hi philisophical teutonic stud
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