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Re: Feet 2 --> the funny talk continues...

Originally Posted by ste
As you could read in the last comments/posts in the original Feet thread Yvo decided to leave the thread...

but I am sure that you all agree that Yvo is THE poster in this thread so we have to reopen a new one named "Feet 2 --> the funny talk continues..."
Nah I am not THE poster, just one of the few, only posting a bit more

Originally Posted by ste
hope everyone who loved the former thread will accept this decision and will now post here to make this thread as funny and "interesting" as the other one!!!
I will do everything to make this one as funny and interesting as the other one of course! I did love the thread and the topics in it!

[quote=ste@l'Yvo hope you will feel "at home" here [/quote]
Of course I do sweetie glad I can continue posting feet-kind-of-posts, coz otherwise I would miss the thread too much

Originally Posted by ste
To EVERYONE - if someone tries to be mad to dear l'Yvo he/she will have problems with Ste
I better be nice to me then

Originally Posted by ste
and now: Posting, posting and posting - esp. offtopic messages are welcome
Let's talk about chiudi

Originally Posted by ste
our MOTTO: the funnier the better!!!

thanks for reading and wish you much fun by reading and posting!!!
Thanks for starting the thread!

Originally Posted by ste
Ste - one of the SYNNY-member and Yvo-fan
I got fans?

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