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*** The L'Yvo-fanclub ***

As you could read in the last comments/posts in the original Feet thread Yvo decided to leave the thread...

but I am sure that you all agree that Yvo is THE poster in this thread so we have to reopen a new one named "Feet 2 --> the funny talk continues..."

hope everyone who loved the former thread will accept this decision and will now post here to make this thread as funny and "interesting" as the other one!!!

@l'Yvo hope you will feel "at home" here

To EVERYONE - if someone tries to be mad to dear l'Yvo he/she will have problems with Ste

and now: Posting, posting and posting - esp. offtopic messages are welcome

our MOTTO: the funnier the better!!!

thanks for reading and wish you much fun by reading and posting!!!

Ste - one of the SYNNY-member and Yvo-fan

Okay made the fanclub-member-list!

some posters of this thread I didn't add till now because they didn't say clearly if they want to enter... so pls say it if you will!!!

1. Ste
2. Nathy
3. dancing queen
4. Stevens Point
5. Sol
6. RogiNie
7. Daniel
8. Shabazza
9. novanora
10. the BIG BOSS
11. propi
12. cohka
13. Luis
14. Sophie-d

Attention: --> this smiley belongs to Yvo -->

1. are you intelligent?
2. which language is this word from: Na-apar?
3. which animal is your fav?
4. are you allowed to celebrate Christmas somewhere else than at home?
5. Are you afraid of horses, if not, did you go for a horseride before?
6. Can you act like a ?
7. would you like to go to Australia for some months??
8. Added, specially for Ste: What is the name of your gf?!
9. Would you like to come to Yvo's room to complete her Swiss collection?
10. would you come for one day to Interlaken to ste?
11. who are your best fans??
12. would you mind when your fans ask for permition to let you enter the Rotterdam draw?
13. Did you expect to recognize us so easy during the DC? Coz you came to us rightaway seemed like if you did really know us.
14. are you cute?
15. are you good in replying in confusing subjects?
..if you answer yes you'll get a lil test to see if you're right
and you better do..
16. Do you know the tv serie the a-team?
17. What do you think of Lord of the Rings?
18. What do you think of the nickname Milo?
19. If you do like it, would you like to add it to your HPprofile as there are some fans (guess who?! ) calling you that way
20. Are we allowed to call you a friend?!
21. can you promise us not to wear shirts that make you looking like spiderman..
22. do you like the German language???
23. Are you planning to have kids whom we can cheer for in the tennis circuit later?
24. Have you ever fallen in love with a flying insect? And if so, do you rather fall in love with humans or flying insects?
25. Do you like cats? And are there any animals you are afraid of or really don't like?"
26. would you join us to cinema and sit between us?

Marco Cutienelli

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