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Re: Epic Tennis Stories!! Post them here!

Originally Posted by Kowchi View Post
I imagine some of you have played for your highschool, Uni, club, for fun, etc. Tell me those amazing stories of over-coming adversity or bageling someone, or just an amazing match you played.

My partner and I go to random public school
both at 3 doubles on varsity
regional opponent is rich tennis prodigy producing school
we were set to lose obviously due to the school stacking their three doubles (for those who don't know what this is: Nadal/Federer playing at futures level)
one guy was three doubles other dude was supposed to be one singels
school had influence aka $ so officials didn't give a shit
We play first few games it's incredibly close 3-3 we pull ahead game goes to tiebreak we end up scratching by 7-5)
Cue next set they beat us 6-3 (Arrogant as fuk) Always cheering when we faulted or did silly stuff.
The sun is starting to set, everyone else is done with their matches and comes to watch us.
Mind you 100 people or so from different schools family etc. Made me feel like a Pro
Everyone is cheering for us cuz we are actually modest and are underdogs.
Cue third set we end up going down 5-6, everyone is biting their nails
I hold serve and tell my partner to go to beast mode at net, cue tiebreak
Game ends up 6-5 we are up I'm serving for match *nerves!*
I hit my first ball into the net almost nailing my partner
Second ball is a dinker because *nerves*
Kid whips it to my backhand, do desperation lob
Net guy starts dancing *all my wut?*
Then slams it at my partner at the net.
Partner holds out raquet in self defense ball hits....
Arroganterer in the nuts
Goes down crying as does his teamate. Go to shake hand he is still on floor
Lose in the next round anyways

-One of those Rosol moments, feels good man )

Btw best part was my mom talking to one of the kids mom's

Cue Rich Mom with all da pearls- My BOY has been playing tennis since he was 4 years old and is well respected. Your boy did well I guess
My Mom- He has only been playing for 4 years
Rich mom- Ohhh... I see, I'm going to miss my tanning appointment, tata. She left her kid's match for tanning....

My favorite story is just Goran Ivanisevic winning Wimbledon. Yours is way better.

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