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Re: All About Ernests - Interviews and Articles

This is a google translate that I didn't improve but we get the point.
Nice point of view from his coach

Buchanan Bresniks: Gulbis psychologist is not required Interview

John Freimanis , "Apollo"

Monday, 2013th On the 23rd September 12:01 33

"When we are in Vienna, he wants to go to the opera or a museum. This distinguishes him from many other tennis players. But he has always been such. The 18-19 years of age he went to the opera, "remembers tennis player Ernests Gulbis coach Buchanan Bresniks , which met the week before Davis Cup time. Last weekend in St. Petersburg Gulbis won his fourth career ATP title, but it is only one step towards more ambitious targets, which are the same words coach Ernest aware very well. Despite the fact that the public space of the other topics he speaks almost as often as your current occupation."

Buchanan Bresniks
Photo: R. Humpty / Apollo

- Tennis experts point out that last year Ernest has changed his shot from the right side or forehands .
- forehands past year was his weakest element of the game. When he came to me, he said that he no longer feel the kick from the right, so we started working on it. But the change is not so obvious, because I think he is the same racket grip. He just a lot of work on this kick drills and beginning to feel better. Has managed to achieve greater consistency without losing power. Sometimes forehands are very, very good, like Rome against Rafael Nadal, but other days it does not work so well.

- However, in stressful situations, which hit most importantly, he still makes mistakes forehands every shot.
- Yes, but that is all. Anyone stressful situations more wrong. However, he is not so quick to stress unresponsive. On the contrary - he likes the big games against the strongest tennis players of the world. Sometimes it seems that he has a bigger problem than stress their match against the world's best, but deliveries of the matches, which meet the below-ranked tennis players. It is possible that such games he does not seem so exciting and he underestimate the opponents abilities. It worries me to generating higher because of the great men he usually performs well. This year, he has lost only a few matches for the lowest-ranked tennis players, while the other losses have been ranked top twenty best players.

- In one of the press conferences Ernest was asked whether he needs a psychologist, to which he replied in revenge, or do not need a psychologist himself a journalist.
- he does not need a psychologist. It is not a psychological problem. In fact, he is mentally very strong, both human and tennis player. He has strong views that can not be easily changed. This causes problems for other people to work with him. He now courts have had to be a tense situation and hope that the future will be even more so. I think that he understands the situation better than any psychologist.

- Do Gulbis can still improve your shot from the right side?
- This is how it is constantly in use. He is working on forehands , backhand and volley shots every day - this is the daily bread of every tennis player. His backhand shot I ranked among the top five tennis, perhaps even among the top five all-time best. Of course, the most he can upgrade directly forehands hit because it is dangerous and can destroy the enemy, but at the same time it causes him problems when he treats lightly. In such cases, the percussive he has to lose matches.

- Is there any chance that his forehands shot again to change?
- You see, Ernest was a great shot from the right when he was 17 years old, but it was screw up. I do not know who did it. His forehands is a great shot. Sometimes I even do not understand why so many people talk about it. If you carefully look at his game, the more points he receives a pass from the right to the backhand shot is more stable. But she decided to take away the element of surprise would be foolish. I do not want him to be Spanish tennis player, who is running around on the court as a bunny. He's not a player. He is a dangerous and aggressive player. It is therefore understandable that the offensive style allows players more errors.

- We've noticed that lately Swan fights for every point. Whether he has changed his attitude towards the game?
- know him, since 16-17 years of age, and even then he fought the beast. Maybe then he never followed up so closely, but at age 17 he was a fighter. This year I can not remember any game or workout when would complain about the fact that he has not worked hard. In addition, training sessions, he sometimes struggles even too much.

- Is Ernest has changed as a person since know him?
- Of course, each time getting a more grown-up. Times change, but as a man he has not changed. When he was out of the best ranking centurion and now - he is the same man. He is very interested and curious about many different topics. For example, when we are in Vienna, he wants to go to the opera or a museum. This distinguishes him from many other tennis players. But he has always been such. The 18-19 years of age he went to the opera. Psychologists confirm that develops between the ages of human personality, which is then no longer undergo a significant change.

- What are you talking about, except for tennis?
- for all. Tournaments have plenty of time, so you dine discuss current events in politics and culture. Just talk to about personal things that seem important to him. He asks a lot because of a desire to know everything.

- What you can do both for added stability performance of Ernests?
- It will come with time. You can not push a button and it will happen. It is a process, a long journey. Last October, he was a world-ranked 150th place, but now trīsdesmitniekā. This confirms his stability. Tomaso's victory over Berdych and Andy Mare, as well as an equal battle with Nadal. I am even surprised by your question, because all signs indicate that he has become more stable. I think he is the most realistic candidate to rank in the top ten. If you ask other tennis professionals, they will be identified by Ernest among the five most tangible candidates for entering the world's top ten.

- What he need to do to get into the top ten?
- We have to continue as now and be in good health. I think that he would also help to calm down a little. He wants it so much that sometimes it hinders him. When he started well this year, then began to speak about a tournament at the end. This is the thing I do not like, but I think that this year he had a lesson in this regard. His abilities are higher than many other tennis players, so if every week he will be showcasing their best performance, the increase in rank to continue.

- Gulbis is characteristic that he knows best and understands that at that moment he most needed. However, whether the training has to make her do anything?
- the relationship between tennis players and coaches are one-to-one. I can not make her do anything. Ernest in case you can not do in the first place, his personality, but, on the other, no one can be forced to coach tennis players do what he does not want. Instead, he is convinced. If you can not convince him to do something, then you have experienced a failure.

- Is Ernests is easy to convince
- Sometimes it's not easy to do, but I do not mind. If someone disagrees with me, then am experiencing a clearer picture of the problem. If there is a debate, then it is not bad. Convince someone is often more difficult than force, but if you have managed to convince the result will be sustained. Ernest is too wise to force him, and he is difficult to make an authoritative coach working. I did not even try the following methods.

- Does the training occurs in a spat?
- Yes. However, this does not happen very often. If you know that he is wrong, then turned away from the discussions in the other cases izrunājamies and usually quickly find a solution.

- Do you see the similarities and differences between Ernest and your by far the most famous student of Boris Beker?
- Yes. But I want to compare them only as a tennis player, because as a people they are completely different. Tennis both of them are powerful kicks. When talking about forehands hit, then Boris was not as strong, but the days when it was working, he could win any. For him once noted that if anyone should have to play a different life, then pick a Boris. By Ernest is the same. If he is aware that the match is very important, he is driven out of myself last drop of sweat.

- What is your attitude towards Ernest statements about the boring world tennis ranking leaders?
- would be too provocative when I say that all of them are boring, but if you are only talking about what they say in the media, I can agree with this. Very rare of them can be interesting to hear the comments. I assume that it was Ernest thought that all telling the same stories. Rafa is a fighter, a gentleman Federer, Djokovic Serbian ... And they all say the same thing that assess each other and love each other. In this respect, I agree with Ernest that it is 100% true. They do not like each other as much as they show. Djokovic's father said once already and it was closer to the truth.
I love that Ernest has his own opinion and the media he can clear position. Therefore, the press like him. Given his position in the world ranking, he requires ten times more than others.

-What would you wish to Ernest that he would most improve their game to achieve its objectives?
- First of all, I wish him health. Secondly, I wish to maintain interest in the game of tennis at such a high level as it is this year. If it is, then he will reach a ten world ranking. He's not the people who talk loudly on their objectives, but they are very clear. Even if the public does not speak about them as much as other things. He clearly knows what they want.

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